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Another question about i.d.

I've seen it recommended to take a screenshot of your name, address, contact numbers to use as your wallpaper on phones and tablets so one can be identified if it is misplaced. Good or bad idea to have that info out there for just anyone to find? I have my tablet locked on the shortest time setting and pretty much keep up with my stuff, but just in case... do you do this?

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I have not taken this precaution, but would be more likely to just tape my email address and/or phone number onto the outside of the device. You could access internet email services from a hotel computer or anyone's computer.

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This is a good idea. And it only shows if someone turns on your phone, as opposed to all the time if it's taped to the outside of your phone (probably on the back where it's on full display!). I'm not one to leave things behind either, but one can get a bit discombobulated while traveling. I, too, have my phone locked and have worried that no one would ever be able to access my ID info to return my phone. Why haven't I thought of this before?!? I'm so disappointed in myself... ;-) I never travel without all of my info (name, phone, email, flight numbers/cities/dates) inside my luggage.

I would change it back to a cat picture upon returning home ^..^

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Hahaha - that's what's on my phone right now! ^..^ ^..^ ^..^

I typed my name, addy, and phone numbers (including country code) up on word and then took a picture of the screen with my tablet. Then I only had to choose that pic as my cover. Not sure if I will keep it or not but it would certainly allow anyone who found my phone to identify me.

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Hmmmm. My bag got stolen a few weeks ago and the thing I worried about was, since my key was in the bag, having anything else in the bag that gave my name/address. I didn't want anyone coming to "visit" me at home to help themselves to any of my stuff!! In that case I am happy that I did NOT have something like this on my phone (but to tell the truth, my phone had died earlier that day anyway, so it wouldn't have made any difference).

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Sounds like a good idea to me, I will consider doing this. However, I think I would stick with email address only. I do know that last year I arrived home at the airport near midnight, went right to the men's room, and found a device sitting atop one of the urinals. ( how easily that could have been me, I thought). I flipped it on, looking for I don't know what, but right there on the first open screen was his identifying information. I took it to the lost and found..not easy at midnight..and emailed him as soon as we got back to the house. He retrieved it later and sent me a very kind note.

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Mine just has phone numbers and email address, not home address.