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All In One Travel Adapter

I'm looking for an "all in one" travel adapter. It should include plugs for at least Europe and GB, at least one AC plug and at least 2 usb ports--preferably one able to handle 2.1 amp for my Ipad.

All of my electronic devices are 110-240v.

Any suggestions on ones you've used and liked? (Not interested in things like Callpod or Gomadic where you have to buy proprietary plugs. )

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Check the overall size to determine what you really want. We have a specific adapter for Italy and needed another one for Switzerland. I noticed that bringing both small ones took much less space vs. the chunky block all-in-one I had for work trips.

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FWIW, I took a handful of all the different types on a recent trip and they take up no space. And you can mix and match if need be.

Otherwise, Amazon as always has what you seek.

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If you get to a Europe hotel and find you don't have the right adapter, go down to the reception desk and ask for one or more, they often have a collection of those plug adapters that have been left behind in receptacles by prior visitors.

I'm not suggesting to rely on this method. Better to know before you go and arrive with the items you need.