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Airline data breaches/hacking

Today I received emails from two different airlines regarding hacking into their website and likely theft of customer data. One is British Airways and the other is Cathay Pacific. This is getting rather crazy!

I earlier cancelled both credit cards involved and now have changed my email password. Anything else I should do? Credit bureau accounts already frozen for many months.

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Nothing much. Just have whatever fraud insurance offered. Life goes on.
I have had free credit monitoring monthly for 5 years after millions of the background check records containing social security numbers at the United States Office of Professional Services Management were stolen in 2013. So far nothing suspicious has popped up as far as identity theft

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If you've changed your password, you're already ahead of a lot of people in this same situation. If it is an option, you may want to consider changing the email account associated with those two sites. That way if you receive something suspicious at the 'old' email, you'll know to look at it sideways.

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You can institute 2-factor login (where you have to type in a code from your phone in addition to a password) for sites that offer it, and which contain sensitive information.

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Our credit card company, CapitalOne VISA, issued new cards to those who had booked with British Airways.