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Airalo Discover Plus?

I had very good luck with Airalo on my last trip to central Europe. My only problem was when I want to use FreeNow they wanted a phone number to send a code and didn't have a phone number. For my next trip I am thinking of getting Airalo Discover+ so I will have a phone number.

Who has used this and what is your experience? What GB would you recommend for 10 days?

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I used it in September - in Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia, and Ukraine. I maybe made 2 calls with it. It worked just the same as the data Airalo plan, which I use all the time. For that 6 week trip, I did want the ability to make a phone call. I did not use the text capacity at all. The regional Europe eSim doesn’t cover Bosnia.

Because you will be gone 10 days, you will have to buy at least the 2G plan (for 14 days) for $27. Compare that to the 3G Europe data only for $13. I have not used Free Now in Europe, although I have it downloaded. But I have used Bolt and Uber - neither of which needs a code. 🤷🏻‍♀️Depends on where you will be, I guess. I use about 1 1/2 G/week and I use data just like at home (or more since I am on WiFi more at home). I would start with that plan and see how much you have left after a week. You can top up if needed.

Hope that helps!

Edit: they send notices as you are nearing the end of your data - so it doesn’t just suddenly go “poof”.

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Goodness, Mardee! And I thought I used a lot of data! 🤣 I am cheap, though, so I usually estimate a bit low and top up if it looks like I will a little extra. The top up rolls over seamlessly.

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TTM, I stand corrected! I was guessing off the top of my head (always a mistake) so I pulled up my Airalo account and found that in Germany, I only used about 10 GB in 30 days.

So LF, disregard what I am saying! Obviously, I cannot be trusted with memory issues. 🤣 I agree with TTM that you would be fine with 2 or 3GB and can top off as needed.

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Thanks everyone. @TexasTravelmom this was very helpful as I hope to go to Croatia in 2025.

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Mardee, you are funny! Lol.

Ok, this is a Free Now answer, not an Airalo answer. I just updated my payment info in Free Now since I had an expired card there. That caused me to look at my usage history and I see I tried to use it in Warsaw in Sept. 2022 when I arrived at the train station, with just Airalo data available.. I say “tried” because the app worked and I had a ride scheduled. I did not need to be texted a code.

The reason I didn’t actually use it was my user error and learning curve. Warsaw was different for me in that sometimes the driver can’t actually get to where you are and there pops up a meeting place location. You can follow the map to the meeting place (you can also choose to not accept that) but I didn’t know any of that. Both the driver and I tried finding each other within the allowed time, but I know I was making it hard. This may happen in other places, as well, but it’s the only place I have tried using Free Now with Airalo data.

The meeting place thing also happened with Uber (and with Uber in Wroclaw) but I was learning. Ha!

Maybe I didn’t need a code because my app was already set up. Because except for my ignorance, it worked just like Uber. No codes.

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Take a look at Orange Travel: €19.99, 12GB, unlimited calls and texts in all of Europe, 30 min calls and 200 text to rest of world, 14 days.

We used it in UK, Germany, Spain and Portugal, so far.