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Adaptors for iPhone/ipad

Hi - I read through a bunch past posts about adaptors and unfortunately, just became more confused. We will be bringing an iPhone 6s, iPhone4s, iPod 5th gen and LG K8V phone and 2 iPads (one for each for the 4 of us and the iPads our boys will be using to keep up on school work.)

We will need to charge them every night (most likely). What do I need? I'd like to get adapters that would charge 3 things at once.

Also, do I need convertors as well as adapters??

Please be kind and no bashing. I am nowhere near tech savvy and have tried researching this info on my own, but not quite being able to get my brain wrapped around it.

Any links to what I need would be appreciated!!

Thanks so much!!

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Oh, and one last charge our camera battery, a point and shoot Cannon, is an adapter sufficient?

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usually the canon point and shoot will no doubt have its own battery/battery charger ( ie: not usb chargeable) most of the chargers are 110-230v ( check the nameplate), so you would need an adapter to convert to the particular country your visiting.

if you take notice of the individual chargers that you have for the ipads/iphones etc, you may notice they vary. some of the older units, eg: ipods had a 5watt charger while some are 10watt. which means ideally you need a usb charger device that ideally can output typically 2.1amps ( eg: 10watts) per USB port.
to try and simplify.
some of the 'multi' USB charger devices don't always have 2.1amps ( eg 10watts) ratings for ALL of the USB ports. its worth checking as I can imagine that you may need to charge numerous devices at the same time. and just want it to work quickly, without any drama.
so look for one that has good capacity on all of its USB ports. eg: it might say something like 3 x 2.1amps etc.

I take a unit that has both multiple( 'high capacity') USB ports and comes with its own adapters and has a spare power socket built in. it works great, as I can do all charging at once. and only use one adapter to convert the power point. saves carrying lots of equipment.

hope this helps.

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I used this for 3 iphones, 1 ipad, a Nook and a Nikon camera that was chargeable through USB port.

We also used this as our plug adaptor:

We also tried charging all of these things at the same time at home a month before we left to make sure there were no problems. Love the Anker will take it with me for domestic trips now too. It beats having to take all the little plugs. For the iPhones and iPads you shouldn't need a converter. Check with your Apple Store if you have one handy. Electronics that are newer don't need a convertor just adapters.

Safe travels!

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Amazon has so many good adaptors, just try to read some reviews before you order it. if you don't like it you can always return it.

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We take iPads and iPhones when we travel at home and abroad and I always bring a one into three 110v outlet adapter. I plug the adapter into the converter that plugs into the European outlet and then plug the charger into an outlet of the 110 adapter. I bring the required 110v charger and USB cable for the device and not just the USB cable. This way I have the charger that is needed for the particular i device and can also plug in my camera battery charger. You may need two of these to charge all your devices. This setup may sag a little in the outlet but if needed I prop it up and have never had a problem.

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I realized I forgot an important price of info. We are traveling from the US to Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

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I take a block (not sure what it's called, but should be with extension cords at the store) that you can plug 3 things into at once. You then only need 1 adapter to plug the block into the wall. An extension cord would do the same thing. You don't need converters.

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Don is carelessly throwing around words. Converters (voltage converters) and adaptors (plug adaptors) are not the same. You should NOT need a converters. In fact, voltage converters can damage items designed to work with multi-voltages. Be careful!

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If you get something like this device, you won't even need a plug adapter (one less thing to carry around and lose.

USB charges today are made to accept a wide range of voltages (as long as they are pure sinusoidal), from 100V (Japan) to 240V (UK) and probably higher.

As far as an extension cord is concerned, in 15+ years traveling in Europe, I have never stayed anywhere that did not have an easily accessible receptacle (usually one next to the bed).