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Adaptor/converter for Spain and Portugal

Any suggestions for a good converter for ipad, iPhone and camera when traveling in Europe?

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You shouldn't need a "good converter" for the iPad and iPhone chargers, as they're almost certainly designed for operation from 100-240 VAC. You will of course need Plug Adaptors to allow the North American plugs to connect to European outlets. Note that there are two different styles of Plug Adaptors, one for the U.K. and one for continental Europe. I'd suggest taking at least two of each type, as they're easy to misplace.

You'll have to check the charger for the camera to determine whether it's also designed for "world use". Have a look at the specifications printed on the charger, looking specifically for the words "Input Voltage". If this also states 100-240 VAC, then you're good to go. If not, post another note as there are a few "caveats" to be aware of when choosing a Voltage Converter.

As you're planning to travel with an iPhone, you'll also need to determine whether the phone will work in Europe (some iPhone models won't) and you'll need to be especially concerned with data roaming as the costs can be HUGE.

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Once you've looked at the tiny type on your chargers to confirm that they work with voltage 110 - 240, you can buy a few Continental-style plug adaptors for a dollar each. You might want to tape one onto the end of each charger plug, to make them harder to leave in the wall.