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5g sim for European travel using unlocked 5g cell phone

I have recently purchased a 5g cell phone (unlocked). I was wondering whether anyone knows a good source for a European 5g sim that could be used when I visit Germany, France, and the U.K. during an upcoming trip. Thank you

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I haven't been able to travel to Germany or France for two years but I am in England. Be aware that 5G is very spotty, and varies considerably between carriers. 4G is much more prevalent but not ubiquitous. I regularly drop down to 3G.

I suggest that rather than going broad stroke by country you look at the coverage maps for different providers in the towns and cities where you will need coverage.

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Also be careful about the possibility of roaming charges while using a SIM from an EU country in the UK. I've read that one or more of the UK cellphone companies is now imposing roaming charges when its customers cross the Channel. I don't know whether that is happening in reverse.

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Your best option is Google Fi. This enables you to travel freely among those countries without incurring roaming fees. It's very convenient.