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C-PAP water

I have read so many various posts for the C-PAP water problem in Europe. I am not sure what to do.
I will be in France 9 weeks, Spain 1 week and Greece 2 weeks. Obviously I need to get water in those places.

I was in Paris in 2012 and bought distilled water at the pharmacies. It was extremely expensive...5Euros a liter or so.
I cannot use tap water for 3 months.

This is what I have figured it OK? I will buy the demineralized water and boil it? I am renting an apartment in each place so boiling is no problem. I will boil a large supply and put in a container.

Anybody, please let me know if this is ok or if there is an easier alternative.

Thanks Susan

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My solution in several instances has been to boil tap water using a dual voltage immersion coil. Just make sure the container can withstand the high heat, and let the water cool before pouring it into the CPAP reservoir. Also, watch it carefully because the coil can boil all the water out of the cup very quickly!

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I have been using a CPAP machine for close on 10 years and have never used filtered water – just water straight out of the tap.

YES – it does leave a deposit on the bottom of the water container but that is easily removed by adding white vinegar to the container and letting it sit for a few hours – just make sure you rinse it out afterwards. I clean it once a week – white vinegar is easy to get from any supermarket.

If you are using tap water than boiling the water will not remove the minerals dissolved in the water – they are still there and are now more concentrated than they were before boiling as the volume of water has decreased. Boiling will remove most “bugs” or “nasties” in tap water. If you know the tap water is drinkable then there is no benefit in boiling it as the bugs don’t exist to start with.

If the demineralised water you are buying says it’s not fit for consumption then boiling it for three minutes would be the safest option to ensure it’s sterile.