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How to get Swiss Travel Pass into my iphone wallet

My husband purchased 5 Swiss Travel Passes for us and 3 adult children for our upcoming trip. He has the QR code and we were able to print out the passes but we can’t figure out how to get my ticket in my Apple wallet. We don’t see the option. When we go into the SBB app in account to link it, it asks for a Customer number which we don’t see for either of us. Maybe there is something we are missing.

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In my experience, you don't put the Pass into your SBB account.
After your husband emails the Pass to you, just download it into your phone, and the phone should ask you if you want to ADD to your wallet.
If that doesn't work, just take screenshots of the Pass, with a clear pix of the QR code.
Have a great trip in this beautiful country!

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I was just in Switzerland and I had my STP emailed to me from a travel agent, and I managed to get the QR code in my Google Wallet, but I never really used that. Since technically, you must also present your passport with your pass, I printed out a copy and tucked it in my passport and used that.

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There is no machanism to get paper in to your Apple Wallet. So I guess you will have to do it the old fashioned way. Fold them up in a way that does not fold the QR code, and tuck them away with your passport in a wallet.

You will not have to show them that often anyway.

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When I purchased my Swiss Travel Pass in September from I was sent an email that contained 2 links in it. One to view and print the PDF file of the pass and one to download the pass to my Apple Wallet. I used both links so that I would have both a paper copy and my iPhone Wallet version. I don't know how it works with multiple passes, however.

BUT... I would not worry about having it in your phone wallet. I actually stopped using it after a couple days because it didn't have some key information on it that SOME of the agents wanted to see. I believe it was the start or end date of the pass. I forget what it was. I ended up having to manipulate the phone pass so they could read the fine print details of the pass, which slowed everything down. I eventually just started using the paper copy because that had everything they were wanting to see. And they sometimes asked to see my passport too. So I just kept the paper copy folded inside my passport and pulled it all out for them.

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Thanks all. Just returned from our trip. We all had a screen shot of the QR code. That worked every time. I also had a paper print out as a back up but never needed it. Once we had to show our passports, otherwise the screenshot was all that was needed. Swiss Travel Pass does make it easy to travel by train.

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Can I ask on what route you were asked for your passports please?

It is something that bothers me greatly as I never carry my passport around, unless of course moving from one hotel to another.

I plan to have a copy on my phone, a paper copy, and my driving licence with photo, but I won't have the physical passport, unless going from one place to the next, certainly not on a day trip up a mountain or a lake cruise.

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I have had similar problems with various tickets, what I have been able to do is send them to my Notes on my iPhone and keep them there