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Wi fi access in sweden

I need suggestions on how to access wi fi while wandering in Stockholm. I will need to be able to use Google maps and Uber. Does Stockholm have free wi fi throughout the city?

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I have found that even when a city does have free wifi, it's spotty at best and not something you can really depend on. You have a couple of options, though,

One is to download Google maps for the area(s) you want, and you will have access to them even without wifi. The disadvantage is that you can't use the public transportation feature. And for Uber, just find a cafe or store that has wifi nearby and use that.

OR you can get an eSIM data plan to use. This is a digital SIM (as opposed to a physical SIM card). It is usually a data-only plan and is cheap and very easy to install. You must have an unlocked phone and one that is relatively new (2019 or later). You can find more about them in the Technology forum page. I used a plan from Airalo when I went to Germany for a month and found it invaluable. You can access all of your apps using the cellular data plan of the eSIM.

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No it doesn't, but you can find it in cafés and restaurant e.g. Downloading the maps for the areas you are interested in is a good option. And for transportation, you will have to wander pretty far to not be near a bus stop.