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Train Maintenance - June 2024

I was looking at travel times on and it looks like June 15 is almost a full day of train maintenance. When I clicked on the link, it says "Track maintenance in planning. Track maintenance is currently being planned on the route when you want to travel. We release tickets once the planning is complete and we know how the trains will be able to run. Check back later or choose another journey."

Any idea when they will know if the trains will run on Saturday, June 15? Is it safe to purchase a ticket for later that day when there is maintenance scheduled earlier that same day? Thank you!

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Previously their goal was the middle of the month prior to the journey but tickets can be released earlier or later.

There is a slight risk of track works not being finished on time, but it is very small I would say.

Where are you going from and to?

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Hi thank you for your reply!

My daughter and I are travelling from Copenhagen to Stockholm on June 12. We need to be back in Copenhagen on June 15, as my flight leaves at noon on June 16 and she starts class with the DIS program that same day. I was looking up train times and the website is acting funny - first, when I select June 12, it shows me the trains on June 11, so I have to advance the calendar at the next step of the website. Sometimes I get a message that there is a new booking interface, so trips made after June 4 have to be done through the new booking process. That's fine, but when I go to select my return trip on June 15, it looks like the trains are all in maintenance. Sometimes it shows maintenance until later in the day, othertimes it looks like the train is in maintenance all day.

I did a search on this forum, and it seems that this happens in the summer, on weekends. My question is, will the train schedule update and more trains will be available, and how soon will that happen? There is a link about maintenance on the SJ site that said that tickets may be released 2 weeks prior to the date. Or, do I need to consider moving hotel reservations and travel dates to make sure I am back in Copenhagen sometime on Saturday, June 15?

Thank you!

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On reddit, I saw there is a train line called Snälltåget - and it looks like there is a train that leaves on June 15. It is not high speed, so is it possible it is using a different track? Perhaps I could take SJ high speed to Stockholm and the Snälltåget train back to Copenhagen... ?

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If Anders is correct, then there is quite a lot of planning involved to get all trains to runs with Malmö C being closed, but tickets will be released later is my guess. Personally I would not worry.

Snälltåget uses the exact same rail lines and are just as affected. But SJ and Snälltåget have different strategies for maintenance. SJ will not sell any tickets until they are sure they now when the train can run. Snälltåget will sell tickets for their trains and if they have to reschedule they will just send a message to their customers that their now has a different schedule.