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Stockholm Shore Excursion

I am taking a Baltic Cruise come September and we have several hours in Stockholm. I am trying to decide on a shore excursion as offered through Norwegian.

I have several that I am interested in. A CSR at Norwegian who went on this cruise recommended "Stockholm by Sea and Land".

Has anyone gone on any guided shore excursions in Stockholm? I would love your feedback, especially if you took any through Norwegian but any and all feedback would be appreciated.

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Thank you. I had discovered that post and I did respond. It seems that the couple who wrote the post is taking the same cruise that I am but months earlier. There was some good information.

I am trying to decide between two shore excursions. One includes the Vasa Museum and the other
includes Milesgarden. I love them both.

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You could forgo the Norwegian shore excursion and see Stockholm on your own. That way, you could see both the Vasa and the Millesgarden. These were two of the top sights of Stockholm for me, so if I had only a day, I'd want to see both of them too!

Do you have Rick's book Scandinavian & Northern European Cruise Ports? In it, he has details of how to see all the ports on your own, so you can see what's involved, and decide if you need or want a paid shore excursion (through Norwegian or anyone else).

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Get a 24 h-card for the public transport and you can easily visit both Vasamuseet and Millesgården in one day.

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Thanks for the responses. I am going to be 74 years old when on the cruise and at my age, it is easier and simpler to go on an organized tour. I am no longer as adventurous as when young.

I get perks and rewards and amenities with Norwegian. If I take the excursion that includes the Old Town and Millesgarden, it will cost me nothing except for food and drink, souvenirs, tips, etc.

The excursion that includes the Vasa Museum also takes me around Stockholm and even inside visits to City Hall. That is an 8 hour excursion and that will cost me about $40 total after my rewards and perks.

I fear that I am going to have to make a choice but at least it is a choice between two incredible and awesome excursions and not dull boring ones.

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You could easily see Vasa Museum, City Hall and Gamla Stan(Old Town) on your own plus much more, walking. I do not understand how they list this as an eight hour tour. All of these places will take much less time to see. I would do this by yourself. You can add the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan too, plus the Cathedral, etc.
Millesgarden is outside of town , on a hill overlooking the sea, the sculptor’s home. You take a combination of metro and bus to get there. Buy a transit card.

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I am going to be 74 years old when I cruise. it is no longer that easy for me to get around on my own. I am at the age where I need an organized excursion with a group.

Because of my amenities with NCL, I am able to do the Milesgarten excursion free and the Vasa Museum excursion for maybe $40 total. This includes transit and entrances to the museums but not food and drink, tips, souvenirs, etc.

The Vasa Museum excursion includes one hour coach transport to Stockholm from the port and later one hour back to port. It possibly includes some free time in Stockholm.

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I went to NCL and checked the shore excursions. There are two that are eight hours and both include free time before heading back to the ship. One of these two is STOCKHOLM BY LAND & SEA. This tour includes a boat tour before the land tour. The other one includes more free time after the guided tour.

All sound wonderful.

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Your ship must be docking way out from the city part of Stockholm. When we caught our small ship cruise in Stockholm, it was about a five-minute cab ride across the bridge from the main area of Stockholm.

I think it will be a matter if you want to be mostly inside and like historic ships (and the saga around this one). It is interesting, but relatively dark inside. Or, if you want to be outside a bit more.

I would suggest looking at on-line photos of your top two choices and deciding what is BEST for YOU.

Since you have referenced your age a few times, I am guessing it may be a matter of your particular physical ability. We were with an 80-year old and a 70-year old when we visited Stockholm, and we walked all over the place during two days.

You might also consider visiting the sites of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremonies and City Hall, if that is a shore excursion choice. We took a guided tour of City Hall, which was very interesting, but I do recall a good number of stairs.........and we also climbed to the top of the tower (obviously a lot of stairs).

The chapel by the Palace (can't recall its name now) was very pretty and of lots of Royal History.

Enjoy your trip.....but do something that feels right to YOU.

If you post here what is specifically included (the description) in the shore excursion the CSR recommended, we can react to that.

It can be very chilly in Stockholm, especially on the water, so be ready with layers, just in case.

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Your info has been very helpful, Maggie. I have watched many You Tubes on Stockholm. Everyone who went to Vasa loved it and everyone who went to Milesgarden loved it

We are porting at Nyshaven, about an hour outside of Stockholm.

Here is one of the excursions that I am interested in. This is the one that includes Milesgarden. This is one that would be free to me with my NCL amenities

After your transfer into town, your tour will start in Gamla Stan, the Old Town founded in the 13th century. Walk along the cobblestone alleys and winding narrow streets, past houses, shops and soaring church spires. View the Royal Palace, which stands on one side of the island, and 17th century mansions, built by the city’s wealthy merchants. Next it’s off to the island of Lidingo. Here lies the estate and studio of the late Carl Milles, Sweden’s most famous modern sculptor. Millesgarden Museum features the sculptures of Milles and his extensive art collection, arranged on terraces in a series of small gardens. Enjoy a tour of the museum before departing Millesgarden.

Next I will post the info about Stockholm by Sea and Land

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OK, so here is the info about the shore excursion titled "Stockholm by Sea and Land" . This is the one that the cruise consultant at Norwegian shore excursions took and loved. He gushed about it and recommended it. This one will cost me about $50 after my amenities.

I love the water but I also love architecture.

Begin with a transfer into Stockholm, then, your tour will start with a boat cruise along Stockholm’s waterways. Nature & City have combined to make Stockholm one of the most attractive capitals of the world. Naturally, water plays an important part in city life since no fewer than 40 bridges of every shape and size link Stockholm's 14 islands together. You’ll be able to admire many of these as you glide peacefully along this captivating city. Your boat will dock by the Vasa Museum where you’ll get off for an inside visit. In the Vasa Museum, you’ll see the Swedish warship Vasa, once considered the pride of Sweden's navy. The present museum is built around the restored 17th century warship which sank in Stockholm's inner harbor on her maiden voyage in 1628. Its salvage in 1961, with more than 12,000 objects on board, is one of the most important events in marine archeology. After the visit, continue by coach to Old Town. There, you’ll have a walking tour of Stockholm’s oldest and coziest quarters. Witness the historic elegance of the exterior of the dominating Royal Palace, and stroll along the narrow, twisting alleys and cobblestone streets. You’ll experience the medieval intimacy of what is today a living historical monument. When the guided walk is over you’ll have some time of your own.

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Gosh...that is sort of a toss up. Will NCLs allow you to change your shore excursion once on board, such as if the weather is going to be bad in Stockholm? The ships we have cruised with always allow that (often requiring 24 hours notice), but NCL may be stricter since it is a super large ship. And, there is also the real possibility spaces could fill up on the excursions you want.

If I had not already been to Stockholm, I would likely go with your second choice......IF limited to JUST those two choices. Disclaimer: we researched carefully and did "our own thing" in the time we had in Stockholm (day and a half) before beginning our small ship cruise. Because we were docked right in town, we enjoyed the lovely water views on the way out of town. That MAY be a real difference based on where your ship will be docked.

We also did not see Milesgarden., so I cannot really give you advice re: that. On-line (I just looked) it looks interesting, but I would likely still opt for the Nobel Peace Prize venues instead.....we really enjoyed seeing/hearing about all that.

Don't let the temptation of free with your perks sway your what you really want to do. If like me, you may only be there once.

And, of course, you could always hire a private guide to meet you at the ship, take you around to SPECIFICALLY what you might like to see/do and safely get you back to the ship with extra margin built in time-wise. Would give you the best of both worlds!!

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Thanks for your info and time, Maggie.

It seems like you had more time in Stockholm and could do your thing in a relaxed manner. We get into Stockholm about 7 a.m. and leave about 7 p.m., 12 hours total at the most. And, as you know, the ship has to be safe before passengers can exit and they want you back two hours before the ship sails.

Weather is a factor and some ports have had to be cancelled because of rough weather. Last September, a sudden and unexpected storm came in and the captain was forced to cancel 3 out of 5 ports. This cruise was a real disaster and passengers were very unhappy as you can imagine. Norwegian is blasted all over the internet for this cruise and the captain got booed at the farewell show.

I have been reading reviews and "often" one port has to be cancelled because of the weather. This is not uncommon on a Baltic cruise. All of my research may be for naught because Stockholm has sometimes been cancelled.

Norwegian will allow me to change excursions but I do not know what the deadline is.
If the weather is bad, the excursion may happen but with modifications.

I live on social security and savings. I can only do one cruise a year and I do have to budget in order to be able to do a few more. A personal guide is out and that is among the reasons that my perks are so important.

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I totally understand, and I admire that you are making one trip a year a priority and using those special cruise line perks for all they are worth! You are wise.

We were in The Baltics in June a few years ago, and it was windy/chilly. One day of our multi-day St. Petersburg stop, it was the coldest June day on record. I remember wearing a pair of my husband's black wool socks for make-shift gloves. We had checked weather forecasts before we flew, but it was an unexpected cold (really cold) front that came thru.

So, I would suggest packing a pair of light gloves and several light layers that you can add/take off as needed, just in case, especially on and near the water.

Safe travels.

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Yes, weather has always been unpredictable but especially in the last few years, I guess due to climate change. Who knows? I might have unusually beautiful weather.
I have thermal underwear and warm socks. I am shopping Comfy Boots on Amazon. (check out Comfy on Amazon) I will have gloves, scarves, etc.
Last September, I sailed Alaska and if you have not yet done Alaska, it is magnificent. Weather was cold and cool but really ok except for the inside passage and Juneau. Then we had icy rain and freezing cold. it was horrible and such a shame because the weather did affect my experience.
I always sail off season, the shoulder season, so as to avoid massive crowds and get lower prices. I am already shopping 2020 and 2021. Considering Iceland or Israel as ports to visit.
I originally started sailing Norwegian because they offer studio cabins and i get many perks and amenities now that I am gold but I may look into other lines which waive the single supplement and or now also have studio cabins for one.
I live simply and frugally. I am not materialistic and do not need a lot or want a lot but I need good technology, shoes, and my one cruise a year.