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Cruise to Stockholm

We will be on a Baltic cruise Apr-May 2019 with a one day stop in Stockholm. The port our ship will be using is Nynashamn which, I have read, is about an hour outside the city. The cruise provides a pricey excursions into the city so we were wondering about the feasibility (cost, reliability) of getting our own transportation (taxi, bus, etc). The one attraction we know we want to see is the Vasa museum but are considering Djurgarden and Gamla Stan. Our concern with managing the transportation ourselves, is the amount of time it would take to find the right option for getting around town and the possibility of wasting time getting lost.
Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

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Djurgarden is one of the islands that make up Stockholm. VASA Museum as well as several other museums are on Djurgarden. There is a small bridge to the mainland and also a small ferry that goes over to Gamla Stan.
I would get a driver booked ahead of your arrival in Stockholm to take you from the port to the city to maximise your time there.

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This worked for us once when we were in Port Canaveral just off a cruise ship and we wanted to get to the Kennedy Space Center, but did not want to rent a car. When I emailed the Space Center they suggested a company that did private transport. Worked out great! Just a suggestion.

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Booking a taxi from Nynäshamn would quite expensive. You might check cruise critic to see if there are other options. How much time do you have? What time can you disembark and when do you have to be back.

I’ve taken ferries from Nynäshamn a couple of times and have used public transit. Public transit in Sweden is quite easy to use. Nynäshamn is at the end of one of the pendeltåg (commuter train) lines. You can buy a 24 hour SL ticket which is good on transportation throughout Stockholms county for 130 SEK and that would take care of your transit for the day (R/T from Nynäshamn and all your transit in the city). This would be the least expensive option.

This site has directions from the port to the train station:

You would arrive at Stockholm City station which is connected to the underground (tunnelbana) station, T-Centralen. From T-Centralen, it is one stop on either the red or green line to Gamla Stan. If you want to go to the Vasa Museum, you could take the red line to Karlaplan and outside the station switch to the bus to Djurgården.

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Thank you Laura and all! Unfortunately, we will only be in Stockholm from 7:00-7:00 so we will need to make the most of our short visit.

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A 24 hour SL ticket will cover all your needs. But from the Stockholm City station, don't bother with the metro to the Vasa museum, take the tram that takes you all the way.

The commuter trains are not that fast, but if you dock at 7, a taxi will probably get stuck in rush hour traffic.

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This is when I feel the cruise line's excursion is worth the money, just to avoid the worry of "am I going to miss the ship," which increases exponentially when the destination is 1+ hour from the port. You can also try a 3rd party shore excursion such as this: While it won't have the cruise line's guarantee of "the boat will wait for you," most of them very much care if you miss the ship as it's bad publicity for them. For example, I did a 3rd party tour in Livorno this summer (to Pisa) and we ran into terrible traffic on the way back and rather than taking us back to Livorno city center to then catch the shuttle as advertised, our bus drove us directly to the cruise ship (literally like right up to the side of it).

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That's true. To save time and money, the ship tours might be a better option, as long as they are not with a group of 20+ people. We also used a 3rd party agency called Anastasia travel group, based on a recommendation from fellow cruisers. I also did a lot of google research prior to getting there, and I don't regret booking them for the time we had in Nynashamn. The whole day went smooth and the guide was very informative. This was during a Baltic cruise with the Princess Cruise line.

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I am taking a Baltic Cruise September 2019 sailing Norwegian. I spoke with a CSR at Norwegian who has taken this cruise and recommended the Stockholm by Land and Sea. He loved it.

Norwegian offers a Hop On Hop Off bus that I believe picks you up at the port and returns you to the port. It was less than $100 per person.

I have found YouTube videos to be most helpful in researching the different ports.

Trip Advisor is also helpful and you will find some shore excursion companies that are very highly recommended and offer excursions at less than the ship. However, I get amenities and it is worth my time and money to stick with Norwegian.

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We also will be doing the Baltic cruise in June 2019, stopping in Stockholm, using the Nynashamn port. As it’s 60km/40 miles from Stockholm, it is much farther away from Stockholm than the other cruise ports. Thie following on-your-own transportation instructions is what I have found online. I would be curious to hear - post cruise - what transportation method you ended up using and if it was doable.

From Nynäshamn Cruise Port to Stockholm’s City Centrum

If you want to travel from Nynäshamn (60 km / 40 miles – to the south of Stockholm) to the city center you can do it by train from Nynäshamn central station located 6 minutes away from the passengers’ terminal. Price for the trips is 48 SEK one way (around $6 at the current SEK-USD exchange rate). This is a commuter train (pendeltåg in Swedish) and the trip takes around one hour.

You can also travel by bus on board Flygbussarna buses costing 109 SEK (around $14) one way for adults and children older than 11 years old. Children under this age travel for free.