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Plane Granada to Madrid

Has anyone taken the plane from Granada to Madrid? I was looking at train schedules and only saw 3 trains leaving Granada to Madrid. We were hoping to arrive in Madrid a little after lunch but the times do not work out.

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Are you looking at train travel dates more than six months out? Too early. Just look at the train schedules about a month from now. Taking a plane for that short of a distance does not make sense time wise.

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There are only 3 trains, and the timing isn't great. But flying involves time at the airport and risk as to whether the plane will leave on time, etc. We ended up doing a car transfer. It was pricey, but we got to spend more time in Madrid and it was worth it to us.

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Thank you all for the advice and response! I have not looked into the bus and private transfer option. But will check this out.

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There's a lot of rail service between Cordoba and Madrid; it's just the Granada-Cordoba leg of the trip that has limited service.

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Another option is to take the train to Malaga (there are lots of trains, and good prices
since iryo serves the route as well as Renfe). The bus station in Malaga, from which
you can catch a bus to Granada, is located right next door to the train station.

Note, though, that the bus station in Granada is a bit out of the way from the city center.