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Best way to day-trip from Barcelona to Dali Theater-Museum (Figueres)?

What is the best day-trip itinerary from Barcelona to the Dali Theater-Museum in Figueres? Do on-your-own or tour group?

I recall seeing one of Rick's shows where he visits Dali's home (Rick said it was one of his favorite homes in Europe). I don't recall which city this was located. Is this on the way to Figueres, and if so, is there time - and is it worth spending time - to include on the trip?

Is advance purchase of anything required/advised?

We will be traveling in September, and staying near the Placa de Catalunya. I'd really appreciate your specific recommendations. Thanks!

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I believe the home you're referring to is in Portlligat, near Cadaques. I haven't been to either Dali site, but I know someone on the forum reported getting to both the same day. Perhaps the Search function here or dedicated Googling will turn up the earlier thread. I did find this 4-year-old thread about the need to pre-book the visit to the house in Portlligat.

The basic logistics required for what you want to do are as follows:

  • Take fast train from Barcelona Sants Station to Figueres Vilafant Station (55 minutes).

  • Take bus from Figueres Vilafant to the Dali Theatre and Museum. If not pressed for time, this would be walkable.

  • See Theatre and Museum (probably good to buy ticket in advance; I think they are timed). I believe there's quite a lot to see; friends were really impressed by the over-the-top jewelry collection.

  • Go to Figueres bus station (which I think is near the other rail station, just called "Figueres". Take bus to Cadaques (very picturesque former fishing village with whitewashed houses dripping with bougainvillea). The bus ride is extremely scenic.

  • Walk to the Dali house, 20+ minutes from the Cadaques port, which itself is a good little walk from the Cadaques bus station. I saw a sign pointing the way down along the waterfront. I'm sure you could find a taxi but don't know how much it would cost. I don't remember seeing a bus mentioned, but perhaps you'll turn something up with Google.

While this can apparently be accomplished in one day (and at substantially less cost than what you'd pay for a bus tour), I think it's a shame not to see Girona's medieval historic district and take time to walk around Cadaques. I understand Figueres has a nice historic area as well.

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By all means do it yourself, it's easy. Figures is not particularity attractive, but it does have good cheap good lunch possibilities and a couple Dali gift shops near the museum. RS gives walking directions from the slow train and bus directions from the fast train. We walked from the fast train which took about 25 minutes. It was not scenic, but felt good and wasn't ugly. We saw the bus and think we beat it to town.

I recommend the fast train and doing it as a half day trip leaving early and coming back after lunch. The museums will take you two hours if you are slow like us. We spent a full day, but half a day would have been better,

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We've been to both places and they are both very worthwhile, but I think this would be a VERY LONG day. There won't necessarily be a bus at just the moment you would like to take it, so there will be some waiting around time to get to Cadaques. However, Cadaques is absolutely gorgeous and it would be a wonderful place to spend a night if you can spare the time. If you want to do both in a day and can find a tour that does so, I would look into that.

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Terrific feedback, my friends! I re-watched the show, and yes indeed, the Dali home is in Cadaques. I will study the idea of doing both on the same day a little further... I don't want to put too much in one day, but if we can leave early to Figueres, and leave a comfortable cushion for Cadaques, we may consider doing so.

I really appreciate your helpful considerations!

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Lest there be confusion: the Dali house is not in Cadaques. It is near Cadaques, but you must either hope for a taxi to be available at the bus station or allow time to at least walk down to the port, which is the touristy/commercial district, to look for one there. If you want or need to walk all the way, I think it will take more than 30 minutes.

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Ann's right, it's not "in the village of Cadaqués" but in a hamlet nearby, albeit administratively is managed by the town hall of Cadaqués.

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Dali's workshop museum changed my mind about the old trickster, even though his most famous works are in bigger and richer museums. The jewelry was eye-opening. His house is less essential, something of a shrine to his long-suffering wife-muse. As compensation, she accumulated a treasure-trove of cocktail dresses by the top designers of their era.