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Edinburgh - best whisky tastings/distillery tours

Spending a few days in Edinburgh and want to do one of the whisky tastings while we are there. Also going to St. Andrews and such, so would prefer to keep it to one to have time to do other things as well, and was just interested in opinions. I'm from the U.S. and have done whisky tastings here and in Ireland, but by no means am an expert. I also really like whisky-based cocktails so seeing if any of the options also have a craft cocktail style bar that would be a bonus. I'm staying in the West End so close to Johnnie Walkers, but also saw a lot of reviews about the Scotch Whisky experience. We will be there around the 1st week of May, and mainly during the week, so just seeing if reservations are usually needed on weekdays/nights. Thanks in advance!

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Where not a traditional tasting or tour we had a great experience at Cadenheads on the “mile”. We told them we knew little about scotch and they gave us an overview, we tasted a few and they answered all our questions. They sell small bottles so we were able to buy a few for our stay and to take home.

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Scotch whisky experience is very good and you can do a tour with a meal at the end.I have done this twice , last time about 2 years ago. It is not cheap but you do get a very good tour and some excellent samples of whisky.The meal is excellent and you can just book for the meal then try some of the whisky flights during your meal.We did this last February as a family get together, set menu meal was £40 per head and we spent about £100 on various whisky flights ( there was 8 of us). I am pretty sure they will do whisky cocktails in there as well.

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Thanks everyone - I appreciate all of the suggestions and tips! I will definitely check out these places.

And @Mardee - thanks for the links to the other threads - I clearly didn't use the search function well:)