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Train details between Lisbon Airport and Porto

Can someone double check my findings here? I'm considering flying into Lisbon (flights are shorter) as opposed to Porto and if I do that I'm thinking of taking a train from Lisbon to Porto.

Looking at there are several options out of Lisbon but I'm thinking that the best option is use the station "Lisboa - Oriente" to "Porto - Campanha". Does that look like the correct trains?

Edit: I see that Chani mentioned "Take the train to Porto-Companha" here: so I think I have my stations correct above.

Next, besides the speed and travel time does anyone know if there's a marked difference in comfort between the Alfa Pendular and Intercidades trains? The IC train is slower and stops more that the AP but the IC only about 30 mins longer than the AP betwen Lisbon and Porto. The IC train 5 Euros cheaper. Wondering if it would be a mistake to take the IC, as it may more crowded and an older less comfy train. Any thoughts appreciated here.

Edit: I see that Chani mentioned "The AP trains are more comfortable than the IC trains." here: so I think I will pay more and take the AP!

And finally, does anyone know if the trains are requiring proof of vaccination and/or negative covid test. I didn't see either being required on CP.PT site but I'd be shocked if I didn't need one or the other to ride the train. Obviously, this is subject to change next year depending on what happens with Delta vs. Omicron.

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Thanks MaryPat, that's another good option! And inexpensive too!

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You have good info from other posters. But, I recently took the AP to Aveiro then the IC back to Lisbon. The IC was also pretty comfortable but, as you know, takes longer. If you can’t get the AP, no worries IMO. Since it looks like you have done your research, you likely have learned if you purchase tickets a couple of weeks ahead, you save almost half.

Regarding negative testing or certificates for trains - if you are several months out, there is zero way to know what will be happening by then. Safe Communities Portugal has up to date info in English. The Portugal News also has good info but not as thorough. Closer to your trip, these sites will help. And, your airline will send you a link for current info but I can’t remember if the link is to Safe Communities or another site.