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Lagos side trip

I only have 8 days for my first Portugal trip. Does Lagos deserve two full days? I want to take a boat ride out to photograph the rock formations. I live in Miami and have the beach within walking distance so I'm not looking to sunbathe, however is hiring a driver for the second day worth the expense and a second day in that area?
Thanks, Toni

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You posted basically the same question a few days ago and received responses. No idea of your interests so when you ask "does it deserve" and "is it worth the expense" those are really tough questions to answer. I personally would visit Lagos maybe if I had 2-3 weeks and nothing else to do. But I don't value times in beach towns or pictures of rock formations and I guess you do. You are still trying to squeeze 2 weeks of activity into 8 days.

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I agree with Alan. In eight days, there are enough sites to visit that are more memorable than visiting Lagos. I don't know what your in-country itinerary is, but Portugal offers remarkable coastlines north of Lisbon, historic and religious sites, and natural wonders. If you're going to Porto, take a boat up the Duoro through the vineyards.

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IMO Lagos doesn't merit 2 days out of 8 in Portugal. The boats won't run if the sea is too choppy, so you could find the trips aren't running on your appointed day.