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Youtube: BBC Comedy: When you don't want to pay for a plastic bag

This might be helpful to watch for those of us who don't want to check a bag!

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So funny. He must have had fun rehearsing, but don't know how she could keep a straight face.

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This is my son!! Exaggerated but close, he hates using bags for environmental reasons. This was too funny!

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That was fabulous. I needed a good laugh. I'm sending that link to the kids.

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You really want a slice of the bread?

Wouldn't work well going through airport security

PS Pam, how did you know what cala referred to?

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Joe...I went to you tube and did a search for "BBC Comedy: When you don't" ....and it came up at the top of the list!

And yes, then I got sucked in to watching "David Tennant is Catherine Tate's new English teacher" and on and on it goes, lol!!

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LOL! No receipt so the store security at the door can be Part 2! Love the checker’s expressions!

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hey hey
LOL. brings back memories of my years as a checker, every excuse for not paying for a bag. this is the best.
thanks cala, it made my day and so did the checker’s reaction.

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Funny, but a bit too close to home. I recall he first time I was ‘hit up’ for a bag fee in a British shop but I’d already been had for a packet of ketchup at McDonald’s so I was wise to their wily ways! Safe travels all.

I think the grocery guy still had some space down the back of his jacket. I expected the bread to go there, particularly if his jacket had an elastic or drawstring waistband.