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Your carryon (from the WSJ)

It’s tough luck when your luggage gets lost or delayed. So pack your carry-on bag purposefully, with essentials like cellphone charger, medications, reading glasses, jewelry, basic makeup (eyeliner, lipstick and concealer!) and change of undies.

Of course, you must wear a practical outfit for travel: For both sexes, I recommend head-to-toe black clothes that don’t show coffee spills or dirt and that you can get by with when you want to look dressier. I vote for sturdy, upscale (and not flimsy) black knitwear—pants or pull-on skirt, and a top such as T-shirt or polo top. Good-looking black walking shoes. Black tights for women.

Here are the clothes to stash in your carry-on bag:

• A featherweight, hooded down jacket that stuffs in its own pouch the size of a paperback book; the hooded version is best for rain and wind. Uniqlo made these popular, and they are so practical. I also carry the sleeveless vest version—in an olive shade—because it’s versatile for layering and goes with everything.

• A long, wide scarf or wrap in wool challis or cashmere, in black or a dark putty. It’s a chic wrap that doubles as a muffler and a blanket.

• Two knit tops, in short and long sleeves and in a dark color or print, to go with the black pants or skirt you are wearing

• Packable hat. An essential for cold, rain or a bad-hair day.

• Warm gloves (in fall and winter).

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And leave that carry-on on board if you are directed to evacuate. Don't jeopardize your fellow passengers for yourself. that severely damaged a British Airways Boeing 777-200ER at Las Vegas’s McCarran International Airport was one of evacuated passengers walking away from the blazing aircraft, toting their carry-on luggage. And not just handbags or briefcases; several men could be seen wheeling away full-sized carry-on cases.

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Phred, sounds like my traveling style -- I call it "cat burglar." Black on black, with an occasional touch of But everything matches, and spots are not a major problem.

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My luggage never gets delayed or lost as I will always pack light enough to carry on my suitcase.

Last time I was required to check a bag was in Prague, and my car keys were in my suitcase--which never made it on our plane. I had to sit for two days in a cheap Atlanta airport waiting for my car keys (and bag) to show up.

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I dont wear black on planes, I dont carry spare underwear onto the aircraft and I also dont bring gloves or a down jacket onto the plane. I even check in a bag. I am amazed I have successfully travelled in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and the Pacific on dozens of occasions. Thank you WSJ for the gratuitous advice.

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I usually fill my "under-seat" bag with cameras, chargers, netbook, meds, travel info etc. Mostly my "big" bag is overhead and I don't worry about losing anything. I wear all fast dry travel clothing (so if stuck for several days could wash it nightly). If I was really stuck, I would probably buy a few items of clothing at my destination as room in my under-seat is pretty valuable to me.

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Thank you, Lola, for the proper attribution.

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We always pack light and are capable of carry-on for everything. But for our upcoming flight to Amsterdam from Denver, we may decide to check our main bag so we don't have to schlep them around the airports. Going light is really for when we get there and have to get to the hotel. In 46 years of pretty frequent travel we've only had two times when bags were misplaced. One was a flight from Denver to NYC where we didn't get our bags for two days. The other was on one of our European trips and we got the bags by the next morning. Two out of probably 500+ flights isn't bad odds. That doesn't mean we haven't spent hours waiting in the airport for the bags to "come on the next flight".

For our upcoming trip to Amsterdam, my personal bag (A RS Euro Flight Bag, not the 20" roll aboard) always goes on with me and it will contain:
CPAP with hoses, mask and power cords (I leave the humidifier attachment home to save weight)
Toiletries kit with my prescription meds (including Tylenol/Ibuprofen/Tums) and a travel washcloth
All electronics including iPhone, Mini iPad, charger with 4 USB outlets, European adaptors, and spare battery pack
Bose noise-cancelling earbuds (never travel anywhere without them)
one set of spare socks and underwear (all washable and quick drying)
Marmot lightweight parka, vest or sweater, and Tilley hat
spare glasses (I use my prescription sunglasses as the spare set)
Documents (airport parking tickets, boarding passes, Eurail tickets, reservations, copies of passports and tickets)
Neck wallet (I never could get used to a money belt) with around $200 in 20s, passports, Ids and credit cards
Cliff bars or equivalent snacks

The CPAP and electronics run up the weight, but even so it should be less than 10 lbs (about 4.5 kilos). I'll do a provisional weighting tonight.

It's less than two weeks away now - we're getting really excited.

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David's story makes me think of one of my major survival hacks here at home(for men and women) .....
A few years ago I was at a church mtg and there were a couple of other events in the building that night, a PEO mtg, etc.........four women managed to somehow grab a wrong black leather jacket from the hallway rack and head for home.....and of course two of them had their keys in the pocket. (maybe it was a mild evening and some of them didn't put the coat on, just carried it out). it took almost all week for everyone to get reunited with their right stuff. NEVER leave your keys in your coat pocket and hang it up somewhere, both for personal safety and for the above reason.

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The article was properly attributed, if you read the subject line. No way would I have made up a list like that.

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Without proper quotation marks, it appeared to be a paraphrasing of the original article. The author's name should have been noted.