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Women’s packing list and product recommendations

Just one blogger’s opinions, of course, but the folks at PackHacker put real world effort into their in-depth product evaluations and recommendations. This video clip is a synopsis their current favorites for female travelers. PackHacker receives spiffs from companies that provide them with free gear although they also buy their own gear for testing. I disagree with a few of their opinions and I find their over-use of the terms “minimalist” and “digital nomad” to be, umm, a bit self-absorbed, if not just silly. But if you’ve struggled to reduce your touring luggage from two or three bags to one, you may find some of their ideas helpful. Oh, and everything they like is boring ol’ black.

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Their website has some interesting articles. I've been watching lots of youtube travel and packing videos lately. Found some favorites (psychotraveler and a couple called Samuel and Audrey). Not sure I can take another 100 lb millennial fashionista with their 1 month of clothing in a carry-on and a makeup case as large as my carry-on (can you say product placement).

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I hate to say it, but I’m not very impressed. Many of their selections are bulky AND heavy. The pack looks heavy.

Many of the merino clothes are great, but I have some objections to several of them:

  • as a DD cup, there is no way I’m going running in that merino bra! (I’m DD no matter what weight I’m at - genetics). I prefer Title Nine work to workout bras (cuz she says so bra)
  • my experience with thinx is that they stinks. The extra bit of fleece in the crotch is a bacterial playground. I was less than impressed with them. They’ve been pushed to the “I’m running out of underpants so guess I have to wear these”.
  • Anatomie pants only work for mondern cut bodies. If you notice the host had to size up her pants to the point that there was lots of material around her ankles. That’s because she has a curvy body. (For those wondering, this has to do with waist to hip ratio - modern cut has a 5” difference between waist and hip, curvy cut has a 10” difference between waist and hip. Women come in both models) Anatomie makes modern cut pants. You’ll need to go to Prana, Royal Robbins, or Columbia for curvy cut pants.

In short, I felt I was watching an advertorial

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I also love packing videos.
Here are a few channels that give various bits of useful info; and also reiterate what you already knew in some of them.
"Travel Tips by Laurie".
"Travel Fashion Girl"
And of course Sarah Murdoch , from the Rick Steves company.
….and many more out there!
All on youTube.

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I’ve found that Travel Fashion Girl packs wayyyyy too heavy for my taste. I also believe a lot of her advice encourages heavy packing.

My favorites:

Her Packing List

One Bag and You’re Out

I enjoy Sarah Murdoch. Thank you for introducing Travel Tips by Laurie!

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I really like Travel Tips by Laurie. Even I don't follow all of her advice because I know some won't work for me, I still enjoy her content.

I'm also not a fan of Travel Fashion Girl, her packing tips are not useful for me.

Of course, I really enjoy Sarah Murdoch videos.