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Cool, thanks joe32F!

Christmas presents for my Mom, who loves her daily Rick Steves shows.

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Thanks for the tip. I imagine we will all get an email announcement from corporate in a few days.

I don’t need more toys or bags but the pocket moleskine journal, $12 down from $15, is a good price for a molie. I have several dozen pocket sized molies that I have acquired at deep discounts so I don’t REALLY need any more. Bummer the notebook from RS is not branded with a hot stamped or embossed logo. I’d have bought it.

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We love our little lambskin travel wallets. I'm tempted to buy another one, although I certainly don't need it. But they're handy. And cute.

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joe32F, thanks for the heads' up! And for bogiesan and Jane, you have each named my two favorite RS store things-the Moleskine pocket journals and the soft lambskin wallets. Since my family and I are going on the Adriatic tour next spring, this seems like a good time to stock up on those small gifts.