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Will These Dimensions Work?

Greetings, packing experts!
This will be my first non- domestic flight since before COVID. Flying Iceland Air and my ticket class allows a carry on that's 22lbs and 21.6"- 15.7"- 7.8".
I am of the fervent carry on tribe and using an Eddie Bauer duffel am at 17.4 lbs. (My Away bag is too heavy.) I used this same duffel successfully on Norwegian pre- COVID, by standing it upright in the sizer with a bit of smoosh.
It is about 20 1/2" by 10.5" by 12" fully packed- because it's soft- sided and I left space to squeeze it somewhat it's not exact.
So I am well under the height and several inches over the width. What do you think?
I built an extra day and a half into the arrival in the event I have to check it, and am staying at the airport hotel. Still...really hoping!
Thank you!

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Icelandair will put your bag into their sizer. If you're bag doesn't fit, it will be checked. They don't say " you're short here so you can have more here."

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With those airlines that have the very narrow size limits, it’s very easy to see if a bag is over sized. If they choose to enforce the rules, they will have you put the bag in a metal box with the stated dimensions. If it doesn’t fit, you pay (usually a high price) to check it.

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Karen, I cut up a cardboard box to make a box at home the exact dimensions of the sizer box of the airline I was traveling this summer. Then I could physically look at my options. Some bags become somewhat barrel shaped if they don’t have rigid sides, etc., so I was trying out different options. In your case, make the box, pack your bag, and you can see if it easily smooshes into the sizer. Remember that you will also need it to fit on the way home when it might have some extra souvenirs in it, also. Good luck!

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I flew Icelandair out of Seattle last summer. My bag was weighed (it was about 20 pounds) and I had to put it in the sizer. I have a rolling duffel that is soft on one side, so it was easy to squish it in. Keep in mind that their dimensions for a personal item are rather tiny. I have a small REI backpack (it fits easily under the seat) but that did not fit in the personal item sizer. I took out my snacks and put them in my checked bag, had both bags inspected again, and was able to proceed with carrying on. Good luck!

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I live about a 20 min. drive from the airport. Recently, I packed my carry-on bag with my intended wardrobe a week before my trip and took it to the airport where I put it on the size box. Bingo! It fit with some room to spare, but then I had to commit to take (more or less) what I had used in the test packing. It all worked out OK.

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Thanks to all who responded ( if you see this)! I have only ever checked a bag on flights back to the US when it had all become laundry, carrying on any gifts, etc in a small packable fold up duffel.
This trip is really challenging - to Greenland! The charter has its own restrictive limits, too. I will wear (!)/carry my mid- weight winter parka and hiking boots on the plane. I am taking only merino wool clothing to wear on repeat and will wear the layers recommended.
I just couldn't get the duffel bag described above to work- it was frustratingly always a couple inches too wide, albeit squishy. After some hours I finally just gave up. My fully packed Away bag weighs just under 15 lbs, which surprised me. The bag itself is nearly 6. The fare class includes a checked bag and it's a direct non- stop, with a day and a half on arrival as a cushion. I will just have to fret!
It's frustrating, though - this trip the issue wasn't taking too much, it was the weight and most of all, the allowed dimensions. Sigh- really hoping🤞🤞!