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Where can I get Rick Steves' suitcase zipper repair?

Got a 10 year old Rick Steve's suitcase with a broken main zipper slide locking ring. My very good luggage repair store says that the Rick Steves suitcases have a reverse zipper--the teeth are facing in and that they cannot obtain slides for that kind of zipper. Other than the inability to lock, the suitcase is great and I love it a lot. Rick Steves' does not provide replacement parts. Anybody got a place I can send the suitcase to or a place to order parts? I hate to discard the suitcase because I cannot lock it. Zip 33701

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Just do a quick Google search - key in "luggage repair 33701" and you will get results.

ETA: Sorry, I missed the sentence that said you've already contacted a repair shop. I will agree with the others that it's time for a new one. That said, if you don't check your bag, there is no real need to lock it.

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Since you have already checked with a luggage repair place, I would contact Rick Steves, but truthfully, I think 10 years is a good run for a suitcase.

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You have received your money's worth. If it can't reasonably be repaired it can reasonably be replaced.

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Hi Linda Jo,

I don’t have a solution for you - just a comment. I have never locked a suitcase and I travel a lot. Would using it unlocked be an option?

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A couple years ago, a shoe/luggage repair shop was able to replace my side zipper on a RS bag. Works fine; my suitcase is 8 years old. Maybe they changed the type of zipper.

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Even though you’ve gotten feedback from your luggage repair shop, perhaps there’s another place that services gear that the first shop doesn’t. Is there any backpack/camping/outdoors place that repairs equipment, and might be able to provide a fix that your first place couldn’t? The shoe/boot repair suggestion mentioned above was my other thought - maybe an unexpected solution, if you’ve got that as an option.

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Many years ago Continental Airlines tore the entire wheel assembly off my brand new suitcase. It think it was my first trip with it.

Anyway, I found a shoe and luggage repair shop in Charleston, SC. He was skeptical at first, but was able to fix it good as new.

The name is Peter and Sons and they are on Windermere Blvd. Google them. Send them some pictures. They may be able to help. Worth a try.