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What to wear on plane

Not sure where to post this, there needs to be a clothing section! Anyway, I’m frustrated because I know I’m cold on the plane but I’m leaving an 82 degree day and arriving to 75 degree days. I’d love to wear my athleta leggings and lightweight jacket, but afraid I’ll be suffering just getting to the airport. What do you guys do?

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I have a down jacket from Uniqlo that takes up practically no space in my luggage, but still provides plenty of warmth.

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You put it in the right section - it would be covered under packing.

Dress for the hot weather but then bring a lightweight jacket or sweater in your carry-on and wear it as needed.

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For a domestic flight, female, hoping to avoid toilet use while on board, I wear comfortable, lightweight pull on dress slacks. I prefer lightweight, long-sleeved tops under my thin quilted vest with 4 handy little zip pockets, and a fashion scarf. My rain jacket and pashmina are added last to my tote bag for easy access and both are taken out just before storing under the seat. The pashmina acts as a blanket.
For international travel, a mock turtleneck knit dress/long tunic over footless thigh-high compression socks that look like I’m wearing leggings. It is all about navigating the toilet, often with wet floors. Yuck! I still wear the vest (but over the dress) and have my rain jacket and pashmina in my tote bag. I use the provided blanket around my feet/legs and my pashmina and jacket as added options over my arms/shoulders or rolled up as an extra back pillow.

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Summer and winter, I wear the exact same clothes, and just add layers. So I do this for flights, too, especially because the Rome and Milan airports always seem boiling hot to me. I will bring something like a string grocery bag or minimal nylon sack for holding my extra layers before we get onto the airplane, then put the layers on and stow the bag just to board, then take them all off again until the plane feels cold to me.

My favorite airplane layers are a cashmere cardigan and a warm vest and a zip-up warm fleece (which becomes a bathrobe in Italy). The clothes I'm wearing on the airplane are lightweight knit athletic pants, lightweight cool no-show socks, and a lightweight knit tunic t-shirt (still deciding whether cotton or a miracle fiber is better). Also can't decide if what I do for the 5 minutes of boarding is more like cheating or more like smart strategy to get around the airlines' rules....

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We too feel pretty silly with what we are wearing to our California airport when it is 90-100° when we leave wearing long pants, close toed shoes and a vest and outer layer, sometimes a rain coat. If I’m cold on the plane during the flight I always turn off the air vent that is usually too high for me to reach but always blowing cold air right on me.

A little game we like to play in the big international terminal at our airport is “guess where they are flying” without looking at the board at the gates. Sometimes we take it to the next level of trying to guess if people could be travel forum participants or lurkers.

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I usually wear a long , flowing skirt and put leggings on under when I exit a plane in cooler weather. The leggings can be stuffed in a pocket or side pouch of luggage or backpack. Of course, I carry a sweater which can be tied around my waist or shoulders.
Have a great trip.

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This is a dilema for those if us who are sensitive to AC. I’m always cold in air conditioning and on flights. Two items save me, my scarf and socks! Don’t know if you are able to wear socks with your leggings but I find if I can keep my feet warm it really helps my entire body to stay cozy. Same for the scarf it can really warm me up fast. Good luck!

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"I have absolutely no more room in my carryon! Lol!"

@Lulu...this made me laugh...and yes, me too! I try to leave enough room in my carry on so my tiny cross body bag with my phone and passport can get stowed in it and zipped up.

"A little game we like to play in the big international terminal at our airport is “guess where they are flying” without looking at the board at the gates."

The funniest thing I ever saw was when I was people watching in the SLC airport in what used to be the small E terminal where regional planes departed from. You were all in one big waiting area so could see all the passengers lining up for their specific plane. At one gate people were bound for AZ and in shorts and flipflops and literally at the next gate 5 feet away people were bound for Butte MT wearing parkas and snow boots! Pretty funny!

I always wear jeans on the plane, a SS tee and some kind of over shirt. My standby has been a LS dri-fit quarter zip that is lightweight and will stuff into my bag. In August I was seduced by the Land's End cover item of a cute tencel shirt. Oh, Tencel....I thought ....that won't wrinkle. Well it sure as heck wrinkled and I was so mad at myself for not going with tried and true. I also wear a scarf because my neck gets cold. I DO keep the air vent blowing on me now because I think that might help circulate virus away from me.

IF it's hot on the way to the airport...I just crank the car AC down to frigid and go for it!

I like the idea of extra layers in a string bag. Would work with the fold up Chico shopping bag I always take with me. I don't think it's cheating as you are going to put those layers on anyway.

Lulu...aren't you all leaving today??

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I frequently fly from Texas to Fairbanks AK. Talk about a climate contrast! I always fly in yoga type pants with compression type knee socks, long sleeve T or turtleneck, sweater or hoodie sweatshirt. I run very cold in AC and during the flight but the trip into the airport is usually a tad warm. You carry the extra layer until you put it on to board and then you either wear it on the flight or stuff it in the overhead. It always fits in and around the carryon bags. I always do carryon so it’s usually my bag I push it on top of.

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I find airplanes are often too warm so I don’t need extra layers on a plane. If you do, bring either a light cardigan or shawl. You can wear it around your neck or waist so you don’t have to pack it.

I thought you were going to talk about going from 82° at home to 15° at your destination! Now THAT would be a different conversation!

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On your way to the airport, wear lightweight pants, an undershirt or other base layer, and optionally a lightweight long-sleeved top as outer layer. In your carry on bag, carry a short sleeved and a long-sleeved top, probably cotton or part cotton, close fitting but not too tight, similar to long underwear tops. On the plane, you can take your outer top off if you wore more than one layer, or put on one or both of your extra layers.

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Layers! We fly from California, so I feel your pain.
I wear a lightweight jogger pant in black, a black tank top, a long sleeve crewneck pullover top over that and a lightweave cardigan sweater carrried on the plane. I don't ever take a proper jacket unless we are traveling in the winter. A sweater and a scarf usually do me just fine.

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If you're on the plane without a sweater of some sort, you'll be sorry.

I always stick a sweater vest in my carryon, either cashmere or merino or a mix. An absolute must, you can't assume there will be enough blankies on board (if any).

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I also freeze on airplanes. In addition to a lightweight jacket or warm sweater I always put a pashmina in my carry-on.