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What to pack for Italy

Hi all and Thanks in advance.We have a 2 week trip to Italy in Sept. 2018(Rome,Florence,Pisa,Venice)I would like to know what is the appropriate clothes to wear while visiting locations, like Churches,Museums etc.I have read that there is certain clothing that should be worn various locations.I read that shorts can't be worn in churches and that women need to be pretty much covered or else not get let in.What type of clothes is appropriate to wear for Sept. and for locations.

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I believe that as long as your knees and shoulders are covered (and you aren't wearing see-through clothing), that you should be fine. My suggestion would be to wear a dress or capri pants and if you are wearing a sleeveless top, be sure to carry a sweater or big scarf to cover up with.

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Expect it to be hot and sunny. Loose cotton clothes, skirts are cooler than shorts . . . keeps the sun off your legs and more comfortable if you sit down on a bench.

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It’s just knees and shoulders that need to be covered. So Capri pants, regular pants, or knee-covering skirts or dresses are good. Many shirts and dresses are sleeveless - just have a cardigan or scarf in your bag to put on before entering and you are in fine shape.

Once these rules are met you just want to be comfortable in the heat and look the way you prefer. Capri pants and a basic top is perfectly fine. I prefer skirts in the heat so may have a knee-length skirt with a sleeveless blouse and a scarf.
The key will be shoes - comfortable for all the walking. Sandals are fine, as are walking shoes or sneakers or whatever else you prefer.

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As the other posters have said, pants, capris, ankle pants, skirts that cover the knee will work well. Also, something to cover your shoulders if you are wearing a sleeveless top is necessary. Many churches may not have a custodian or monitor checking visitors. IMHO dressing appropriately exhibits respect and allows you access to places of worship. No one likes to be turned away from a religious site they have always wanted to see and were denied because of inappropriate dress.

The weather in Italy can be variable in September. It will still be warm to very warm and humid or you can have an afternoon of heavy thunderstorms. Layers and some kind of packable rain gear are very handy.