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What to list on luggage tags

From what I read it's recommended to list name, email address, phone number and hotel information on luggage tags; but not to include home address to avoid burglary. It's also recommended to have a second copy inside the luggage.

I'm thinking it should be ok to list either workplace address, or home address without the apartment number if you live in apartment with gated access. What do you think?

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I only list name, cell phone number and email address. Put your home address on a piece of paper inside if it makes you feel more comfortable. I have used a work address before if you feel you do need an actual address, but never your home address.

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When en route to a destination, I also put the hotels I will be staying at along with their dates to make it easier for the luggage to catch up with me.

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I too only list my name, email, and cell phone number. If the luggage is lost, they have to contact you to deliver it. You will fill out a form with the airline. Your home address isn’t necessarily useful.

I’ve had my luggage lost multiple times, and each time they have contacted me before delivering it as someone has to receive the luggage. Twice luggage was delivered to my hotel. Once the luggage was delivered to my residence. Once the luggage was delivered to my office. Each time the location was based on my instruction.

By the way, you should also put your name and contact info inside your suitcase in case your luggage tag comes off.

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Nobody is going to write you a letter if they find your bag. Phone and email is enough. If the airline loses it and then finds it, you will already have given them all the addresses when you filed a complaint. I will suggest a good thing to do is to take a photo of your bags so that you can have accurate description if they do get lost (black with two wheels about so high is less than helpful).

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On the tag outside is my name with first names in initials only, plus full surname.
Also, my email address...a generic one such as gmail, that does not give away my home country.

Inside taped to the inside of the suitcase flap so it can be seen, is my full itinerary with the dates and places I am staying on my trip.
Plus, again, my name and email address.

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Based on everyone's feedback; I will exclude any address (except hotel) on my luggage tags. Home phone number might not be a good idea too, as thief could use a reverse lookup website to find the corresponding address; so use only mobile phone number. Also instead of using my primary email address, I plan to create a new email address just for luggage tags and travel purposes.

In addition I will compose and send myself an email in advance with contact and flights information, description of luggage and content; just in case one needs to file a lost luggage report (hope never have to use it):

En route to destination:

  • Name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Travel email address (for tags)
  • Hotel address & dates of stay

Returning home:

  • Name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Travel email address (for tags)

Inside my luggage:

  • a second copy of luggage tag
  • maybe a luggage tracking device (I haven't used one before but might get one for my next tour)

Email with luggage & content description:

  • Personal information (name, cell phone number)
  • Home address
  • Hotel address, phone number and dates of stay
  • Flights information (airlines booking number, flight number, flight date & time)
  • Luggage information (brand name, color, dimensions, soft-shell/hard-shell, distinct features such as red ribbon)
  • List of content and itemized value
  • Photos of luggage (the whole luggage, close-up of brand and distinct features)

Thanks to everyone for your replies and suggestions; greatly appreciated!

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I agree with most above. All that is needed is a way to contact you, so cell # and email address.

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Does your cell phone number work when abroad? For many of us, it does not (so we get a local SIM upon arrival, which comes with a new, different phone number).

Name + email is the most critical info and the only thing that's probably going to be useful (this assumes you actually check that email address). If your home cell phone number will work, you can include that too, but I'd still consider the email as most important.

No home address displayed on tags for the obvious reasons. They're not going to deliver your lost then found bags to you without hearing from you and confirming details first. The goal is to have them be able to get in touch with you, and identify the bag as yours.

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Does your cell phone number work when abroad? For many of us, it does
not (so we get a local SIM upon arrival, which comes with a new,
different phone number).

I have AT&T so instead of getting a local SIM I prefer to subscribe to their 'International Day Pass'. It's $10 per day and maximum of $100 within my billing cycle; I do have to pay extra for those days outside the billing cycle. It probably cost more than local SIM but I get to use my mobile phone number and data plan. I like its simplicity.

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I do the same as IrishEyes and include all my dates and hotels on an itinerary inside my suitcase. I put it in a sheet protector and pin it to the inside mesh of the suitcase lid.

My last trip I carried on both directions so didn't worry about it but still had my name, phone and email on the luggage tag (which for my case is a pocket under the handles.

I have had an Air Tag for the last 2 trips but have not had to use them for tracking.

For luggage ID I just take a photo and add it to the Album on my iPhone of "Documents and Important Stuff", lol.

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I like your idea of an outside tag with just name, phone & email; and an inside tag supplemented with all dates and hotels. This way one can just use the same tags for both ways. (I used to have different outside tag for each way, the tag to Europe had the first hotel info)

I am going to do the same next time :)

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First & middle name initials + last name
Address without our Apt #
Email address