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What to do with a C Pap machine

I have and use a C Pap machine. It is heavy and bulky, a pain to travel with because it adds significant weight whatever I'm carrying and takes up space that I'd like to dedicate to other things like all the fabulous stuff I want to buy. Anyone got any suggestions on an easier way to haul these things around?

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A friend of mine travels with one, it is the size (in its case) of a shoe box. Perhaps the newer models are more compact?

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Someone replied to an earlier posting of mine that he was able to find a much smaller one. Mine, along with the mask, tubing, and separate power supply, isn't as big as a shoebox, but it's big enough that it keeps me from traveling with just one carryone.

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We do not check any bags unless we are forced to by an internal European airline. I have asked more than one and discovered that the CPAP is often considered to be a "medical device" so it is okay to carry as an extra carry on in the cabin. For our next trip, I will verify that and hopefully get it in writing for our internal European flights. My husband carries his in addition to his RS convertible backpack and messenger bag. He puts his meds in it, too.

His is the "shoe box" size (about 15" x 9" x 6") and it weighs less than 3 kg with the machine and meds in it. He got it about a year and a half ago so it is pretty new. However, at one point on our last trip he did find carrying 3 things annoying enough and whined enough that I removed my tote from the top of my spinner and strapped it on there. I carried my tote separately.

So much for his "you bring it, you carry it" mantra.

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I have a Transcend Travel CPap that weighs less than a pound and fits easily in one hand. It comes with its own small carrying case (the size of a medium purse) with shoulder strap, and also includes 3 different plug adapters. In fact, I just weighed the entire unit in its' case with power supply, adapters, hose and mask, and it weights 2 1/2 pounds. (

The manual that comes with it states very emphatically not to use a power converter with this unit - just use the appropriate plug adapter and the power supply that it comes with. Of course I have plugged in the appropriate adapter, extension cord, then the machine when an outlet wasn't in a convenient spot.

This is a medical device, and is not supposed to be counted as your carry-on or personal item. But it is so small I can easy fit it (with its case) inside my carry-on and still have room for meds, toiletries, etc. Also, since I can use it on the plane, I find I can actually sleep without embarrassment or worry of disturbing everyone else on those long trans-Atlantic flights. Trust me, I don't travel without it - nor would my husband let me!

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I use a CPAP machine myself. It has its own carry case that also holds the mask & tubing.

It is considered a medical device & is not counted as one of your carry-ons. CPAP websites sell a tag for the CPAP bag that indicate the bag holds a medical device.

No one (TSA, foreign security) questioned my CPAP bag although it did go through the scanners.

I hope this helps anyone w/a medical device they must travel with.