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what should i pack for desert safari dubai? (packing tips)

Hi i am Joseph
actually I'm going on a trip of desert safari in Dubai next month, but I'm completely unaware of what should i packed for as the destination is desert and i never experienced desert environment. If anyone of you guys visited desert of Dubai or did desert safari there, feel free to share your thoughts and tips for me. So that my trip doesn't get ruin
ill be thankful :)

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While this wasn’t Dubai, we had a few nights on safari in the Moroccan desert in January 2019. It got surprisingly cold at night, with the clear, cloudless sky. While days might be warm, or even stiflingly hot, see if nights could get nippy. If so, a layer or two of clothes for warmth at night could be as vital as it was for me. Teva sandals or flip-flop thongs would also help around camp, going to dinner, visiting the bathroom, etc. if your camp is in the sand.

Sunglasses and sunscreen are essential.

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It doesn’t get cold in Dubai at night. Take loose fitting clothing as it will be hot. A sun hat will be useful. Lots of sunscreen. Wear neutral, muted colours. A scarf to keep out the dust maybe useful.

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I haven't been to Dubai, but I did a safari in Namibia, which is mostly desert (the Namib and the Kalahari).

We were there during Namibia's "winter" (our summer), which means temperatures were not as hot, especially at night, but were still hot to us in most places.

We packed lightweight, moisture-wicking clothing, hiking boots, sneakers, and, of course, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Because temperatures could get cold at night, we also brought merino wool layers and light gloves. You would need to check the day/night temperatures in Dubai for that time of year to see if that would be necessary for you. We brought bags to put our shoes in at night (in case of scorpions). We brought cooling towels.

We also brought insect repellent wipes (Natrapel, but there are other brands), but we didn't really need them that time of year.

You might want to also ask your question at the Safari Talk forums. I found those invaluable in preparing for our trip.