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Weight of RS 20" Rolling Carry-On?

I am thinking about buying th RS 20" Rolling Carry-On, which is described as "just over 6 lbs". Could anyone who has the most recent model tell me what the exact weight is (without the carryon strap and
document pouch)?


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Have you asked this question of the RS Headquarters folks? They might have an "exact" weight whereas replies here from good intended folks might not be "exact" if that is actually what you need.

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Carolyn: 6 pounds and a few ounces is about as light as any rolling carry on bag can be. Many of the 22" bags are in the 9 pound class.

I appreciate your attention to weight. My bag weights have been getting a little heavier, and I'm getting ready to pare down what I carry on my next trip dramatically.

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It may be a couple of ounces over 6 lbs. I have it, and it's fine, holds almost as much as the 22". Easy to handle.

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I just bought it, but don't have a digital scale so can't tell you the weight by the ounce. However, I gave it a dry run to see what I could pack in it. (my clothes will all be summer). I was able to pack 15 clothing items (yes 15!), 1 pair 3" peep toe wedges, 1 walking sandal, 1 flat sandal, 1 bathing suit and cover up, 1 hat, 1 baggallni purse, 7 pairs regular underwear, pj's, jewelry, curling iron and small misc items such as waist wallets, plugs, washcloths, brush. i had room for more, didn't even tie that stuff down. My suitcase wasn't expanded, nor was it totally full yet! Why was I able to get all of this in that teeny bag? I rolled my clothes! What a concept! Never done it before and I am still amazed. Total weight? 23 lbs. 23 lbs!!! Can you believe that?

I also bought the veloce bag as my personal item. I still need to bring makeup, toiletries, hairrollers, iteneary and some other items. I might have to juggle things around as to which bag I'll put everything in. But It's definitely doeable in this bag. i would never have guessed.

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I just got around to checking. 6# is a good number. Using a Taylor luggage digital scale the RS 20" Roller (about 2 years old?) scaled to 6.0 pounds.

Interesting aside is that when I first checked its weight it scaled to 7.0# but on taking out a RS sundries bag and a guide book shoulder bag it dropped to a tare weight of 6.0#.

The 6.0# empty means that you can add (corrected) 11.6# to hit the Lufthansa 8 kg limit.

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Thank you everyone for your input. I have been using an Osprey Ozone 22" which is only 4.5 lbs., but it is really tight getting it into the overhead. It sounds like the RS would hold just as much, so I think I will give it a try.

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If you use the Civita day bag as your personal item, you will be amazed at how much it holds.

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Evan--since you don't allow comments on your Youtube videos, I can answer your question in the second video about how to pack between the handles.

Since you are already familiar with the Eagle Creek Pack It system--you show the Specter Medium Folder in the video--I suggest you look into either the Specter Tube Cube, or the regular pack it system tube cube, half tube cube or quarter cube. They will fit between the handles.

Some of the Eagle Creek Specter sacs can also be molded, if not stuffed, to fit into the grooves.

The bag's internal compression straps are adjustable.

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I've been carrying on for 15 years and my airline-of-choice is Lufthansa, which allows 8 kg (17.6# of carryon weight). When I started, I was just under the 17.6# limit, but the bag was nowhere near capacity; I didn't need to roll anything. Now that I have my total weight pared down to less than 12#, I can lay my clothes out flat without any space problem.