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Weather & clothing.


We are leaving for Italy onFriday for 3 weeks. Will be starting off in Venice leaving from Rome and I'm not sure how much to clothing to bring. Four of the days we will be going to my father in laws home town in Molise this will be towards the end of our trip. My husband was thinking 4 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of long pants, 1 long sleeve shirt, 8 polo shirts, 3 dresses shirts for the evenings and a jacket?

Is that to much to bring? As for myself I was wondering if they wear maxi dresses or skirts ankle length for the evenings.

Thank you,

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Many pack-light travelers will say yes, but I say no. For three weeks, he will be happy he has that variety...20 items. I think it really varies on an individual, and how much they enjoy clothing. My DH is taking just a little less than that for 10 days, if that makes you feel better. Your DH can just wear his jacket onto the plane to give more room in his suitcase.

I am taking 2 maxi dresses for the evenings.

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It sounds like will be visiting family as well as sight seeing. You will need a few nice, clean items to wear. When we visit my husband's family in Ireland I will pack differently than if we are going somewhere else. I feel no guilt about it.


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Cut back on the wardrobe duplicates and plan to do laundry half-way through the trip. In cities there are laundromats, although in Rome I paid a little extra and let the attendant sit around while I toured the neighbourhood. Italian word to Google: lavenderia. Or ask your relatives.

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It all depends.... What size are the suitcases? How heavy will they be? Can hubby lift them easily and is he willing/able to carry them from place to place (ex. train station to hotel), lift them onto racks on trains, etc. IF you want to do carry-on or light packing, you'll need to cut the numbers of most things in half at least. 2 shorts, 2 long pants, 1 long sleeve shirt, 4 or 5 polos, 1 or 2 dress shirts and MAYBE the jacket. Then plan on washing a time or two. Remember most things can be worn more than once before needed a wash.

As for you- take what you are comfortable in. Black pants and serve as 'dressy' for evening with the right top and maybe a scarf. But a maxi dress or skirt won't take up that much room. Again, it depends on what else you are packing, How heavy your bag(s) will be, can you carry them for distances, lift them, etc.

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Leaving Friday? WOW..have fun!

My husband is taking about the same for 15 days, plus hats (bald). I am taking 2 maxi skirts (worn with tanks) and 1 black maxi dress (can look so different with the right belt, chambray shirt, sweater, scarf etc). I look at live cams of Rome and see Maxi Dresses all over the place. I plan on washing only underwear and pitted out shirts. I will spot clean anything we get a stain on as we are both taking jeans and heavier shorts. We are leaving the beginning of October and returning late October.

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If you don't have to worry about luggage limitations, I'd say it's perfect. You will presumably be able to wash a load of laundry at your father in law's home, in case you run out of options, but otherwise you should be okay.

Have a great trip! : )