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Wardrobe for fitting in - Kids

My husband and I have always been able to pack so that our wardrobe didn't make us stand out when we traveled in Europe. This trip, we are taking our children (both 7) and like a lot of American kids, they love their neon colors and Under Armour type clothes. Part of me want to be less obvious when we're walking around as their mannerisms will already shout out "We're American!" (my son has Aspergers so his volume control is already going to be a challenge). The mom part of me wants to let them wear their crazy bright colors so that I can always keep track of them when we're in cities, etc. I have combed the web to see what younger ones are wearing over there but cannot find anything. Packing lists for kids are almost non-existent. It will be summer so they will be in shorts most of the time (I do have a few pairs of those convertible pants for my son since he already loves them). Any suggestions?

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Clothes and kids aside. You will scream tourist once you open your mouth and bring out your cameras and have your map/e device out trying to figure out where to go/what to do.

If it was me, i woudnt worry about trying to blend in.

happy trails.

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Let them wear what they normally wear. You will see lots of kids in the same things.

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Trust the previous replies. No one in any part of Europe, in any country, region or city notices or cares about what you wear. Pack what you would wear at home, what is comfortable for you and your children, and stop worrying about what others may think.
It truly doesn't matter and you shouldn't be worrying about this.

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I know I shouldn't be worrying about what anyone thought but since it's my first time bringing them, I'm a bit anxious. My husband and I have been over several times so luckily I won't be whipping out a map as much since we've made sure to go to places that we're both very familiar with (Paris, Germany). I appreciate the reassurance!

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Only thing I could think that screams American kid is US media cartoon character logos all over the place. Swap the Transformers tee for one with Tin Tin on it, or stick with plain, if bright, shirts and pants, and so much clothing these days is pretty universal.

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I always try to "fit in" as much as reasonable with what I wear, and my husband does the same. We really don't worry too much about the kids. I mean, if I'm deciding between 2 shirts, I will pack the more subdued one, but it's not worth fighting with them about. If they want their neon, and it helps keep them interested in the trip, go for it. I've never noticed kids dressed in a particular way, just put them in shorts and t-shirts, and comfortable shoes.

Mine don't care one whit about clothes, so here's my kids packing list (again, if your kids care it's not worth a battle. At all. As long as they can walk around comfortably, so warm/cool enough and good shoes)

-3 - 4 pairs basic, solid color pants (jeans, chinos, or leggings) OR shorts (same criteria) OR a mix
-5 t-shirts or sweaters depending on weather. Stripes, basic prints, nothing fancy.
-1 nicer shirt that can dress up one pair of the pants, in case of church or other occasion
-A hoodie or sweatshirt, even in warmer weather because nights can get cold
-very light rain jacket OR heavier, waterproof parka
-enough socks and underwear for 1 week
-1 pair of shoes in addition to the one they wear on the plane. Sneakers are fine. Flip flops are not (this is my 1 rule, because my kids can't walk long distances in flip flops, so we save those for beach-heavy trips).

I do avoid media characters and very loud prints, but if my kid was dying to bring his Angry Birds shirt, it would go with us. Pick battles :)

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Thank you for the list! It's a great breakdown for what I'll need for them.

I've gotten over my worry about what people will think. I'd rather have comfortable happy kids that have a fun time. They are getting super excited so I'm not going to dampen that by putting them in something they don't feel natural in. Luckily they aren't big on "Character" shirts so that won't be an issue.

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There is no item of clothing, color, or logo that cannot be found in any nation of the world.