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Wanted carry on spinner 18.5 x 13 x 8

Has anyone found a carry on spinner that is: 18.5 x 13 x 8 for Regional flights in Europe.The new Sam Brown 19” bag has peaked my curiosity.

With those dimensions - I think the closest you will get is with underseat spinner luggage. Samsonite makes an under seater with 4 wheels. It’s on You are in the 25 liter - 28 liter range.

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I have a Verage 14-inch plus underseat spinner that I am very happy with. It is 17x14x9-inches, 30 liters and 5-lbs.
They have a newer model of this one now. Mine fits under the seat on Southwest just fine.

They also make a compact spinner, 17x13x7.5, 24-liters, 4.5-lbs and a 2-wheeler, 17x13x7.5, 27 liters, 4.2-lbs that would fit your dimensions.

Looks like the prices of some models have come down since I bought mine from Amazon.

That verage bag - especially the 2 wheeler, which I personally prefer - looks like a very good underseat option. My only gripe with modern bags is all the computer/electronic compartments. I don’t carry much as far as electronics go. But, I know many business travelers do. I prefer as few pockets as possible on small bags to maximize packing volume and packing weight. I would be content with one main compartment and one (vertical) or two (horizontal) front pockets. Looks like American tourister 4 kix is discontinued. (Rick Steve bag designers - hint, hint.)

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I can't speak to the Sam Brown bag, but this subject hits close to home, so perhaps others going through this will benefit from my experience.

I will be flying Icelandair on several flights this spring and their carry on limit is 21.6” x 15.” x 7.8” (45 linear inches). I have practically tortured myself alive (and all those around me) trying to find a spinner bag that is 7 7/8" (20 cm) . I finally landed one at a Marshalls and bought it. It is a line of TravelPro that I tried to find online to see if I could buy a color more to my liking or to purchase matching items, without luck, so be forewarned. I believe it had the name "Lite" in the name, but I have since thrown away the paper labels and could find no model number on the bag itself. I have since seen this bag at Nordstrom Rack, too, but not found them online at Marshalls (or their sister company TJ Maxx), or Nordstrom Rack websites. Mine was $80 and pale grey. I have since used the bag for a 2-night stay to a friend's house and it is tiny, but rolls well when filled. (Rolls well when empty, seemed kind of wonky when partially filled, but did great when heavier.)

There is a very high-end luggage company I had never heard of despite weeks of research and tripped over later. I believe the name begins with a "C" and despite 10 minutes of mad searching online, I couldn't find it for you. I believe the small carry on had "-C" for "cabin" at the end. Alas, their carryon that was small enough was about $1,400 and not a consideration.

I have a larger checked Away bag (still in its package--being decided upon) and have considered their smaller carryon, which per their site does meet Icelandair specifications--but clearly does not if you review dimensions. The Pack Hacker website lists it as not meeting Icelandair sizing, too. I have even corresponded with Away to get them to acknowledge it, without luck, and have considered buying the bag and taking it along to my Global Entry interview appt to the Icelandair Terminal to see if I could get it to fit in the sizer.

I plan so that I don't have surprises. I don't want to regret my choice to go Icelandair, but for some of these trips I really aspired to be carry on only, and there is absolutely no way that would be possible in my teensy TravelPro bag. I'm surprised I don't see more about this anywhere I may have chosen differently.

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I've been tempted by those bags in the past. The thing that gives me pause is how much they weigh. Aer Lingus Regional has a weight limit of 7kg. The mini Ravenna bag is almost 7lbs, almost half of the weight limit on Aer Lingus Regional.

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@Trotter excellent point. Plus it helps to weigh your cloths on a kitchen scale. With this size I would imagine 1 extra bottom and few tops that would be it.

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I also recommend when you are looking for luggage to fit European planes, go by the Metric dimensions instead of inches. Many luggage companies round either up or down on the metric measurements so one company may say their bag is 19 inches and another with the same metric measurements may say their bag is 18.5.

The weight of the empty bag is huge. I drove myself nuts 2 summers ago with finding the lightest weight bag I could that met the Air France carry on dimensions. My dimensions were bigger than yours so I went with an Osprey that weighs 4.5#. editing to add: I DO weigh all my clothes on a digital kitchen scale. My bag was 16.1# on the trip I went the lightest on but that is still slightly over the 7 kilo limit.

I also recommend you set up some kind of spreadsheet with your information. I realized I was looking at the same things over and over until I got everything organized in a table.

Let us know what you decide!

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We have found that anything less than 21 inches doesn't hold enough for sustained European travel. European budget airline overhead compartment maximums are 21 inches.

We use TravelPro 21" spinner ultra light rolling carry on bags that were purchased at We also have the same bags that are 22" in length that we don't use in Europe any longer.

The Ravenna Rick Steve Mini/Underseat bag. I looked this one up online. I see this case as a supplemental case and not as a primary piece of luggage. That is, good for a few “just in case” clothing items, med.s, papers, electronics, valuables. If doing minimalist packing and using an underseater as a sole piece of luggage - the Ravenna is not the right bag, except for a 1 - 2 night trip.

I looked up your links above. I don’t know how rigid regional flights are about their sizer boxes. From flying budget Frontier airlines - I learned the two dimensions that cannot be violated are length and depth. This is what allows your bag to fit in sizer box. If a little bit of the width sticks up out of the bin - not a deal breaker. So, no matter how you load your bag into the sizer box as long as maximum length and depth fit - green light. Softer bags can squish. That’s why backpacks are popular. Also, less weight because of no wheels.

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I have used my Travel pro max light carry on unders seat bag that was linked to in another post as a carry-on. I put it in the overhead bin.

to me it’s really just a little too big to go under the seat, although they advertise that. travel with it was OK but not the best because I found it was really really small. but for international carriers like Iceland air, it works for a carry-on. I traveled three weeks on a Scotland/ London trip in 2022 and also an Iceland Portugal trip in 2023 using this bag. For the Iceland Portugal trip it was really too small because I had a mix of temperatures from really cold to very hot. So my packing was a challenge with this bag.