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Viking Search for Northern lights cruise in February.

Has anyone done this cruise or something similar to Northern Norway? Were there any tours you loved and really recommend? We are active and can do almost all tours.

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I haven't, but if you want to see the northern lights, a cruise might be the worst option.

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You might want to delete your other post with the same title. They are both in packing, too.

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Perhaps try asking this on the Norway board. Better yet, try asking this on the Viking forum on Cruise Critic

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you've posted this in the PACKING section. Delete it and re-post in Norway. A cruise is not the way to see the LIGHTS, you need to go inland. I have friends who did tours in Finland and Iceland - there is never a guarantee you'll see them.

Also, do a SEARCH for Northern Lights in the SEARCH BAR. I'd post this in Iceland, Norway, Finland.

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I would post this question on the "Cruise Critic" website under the Viking Forum. You will get more answers to your question.