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Very lightweight multi-purpose option for 2nd item on plane

I bought a Flip & Tumble rip-stop nylon bag at a cute shop at the Seattle airport two weeks ago when we were heading to Hawaii. ( I see they're available on Amazon, too.) It squishes into its own attached elastic bag, so the whole thing is just the size you could hide in your hand. I used the bag for everything when we'd go to the beach and immediately decided it's going on our next European trip. It can hold our personal stuff to use during the airplane ride, perfect to take to the grocery stores in Italy or for a picnic, and the bag takes no room in my suitcase when I don't need it. It could even be used to hold dirty laundry. I bought the bright pink one but there's a large assortment of dark or bright colors.

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Oh, they are cute! Do you think it would fit in the seat back pocket on the plane (with stuff in it) or is it too big for that? I've been using a packing cube for the seat back but this looks like it would be more useful for other things during a long trip.

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Is it this one?

If so there are a lot of negative reviews saying it's impossibly crumpled and way too small and flimsy to carry much.

I bought something similar at DAISO for $1.50 and it's perfect. The bag dimensions are 16" high (not including handles) X 15" wide. Dark brown/white print. Weighs less than one ounce, and the carrying pouch is 5" X 3", has a snap and a hook, and never wrinkles. If there is a DAISO near you, go get one if they have any!

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I prefer the Sea-to-Summit Traveling Light ultra-sil sling bag.
It is made out of ultra-sil nylon which is a very thin but very strong coated cordura nylon. It is expensive but extremely compact and very,very, strong. The bag has a zippered closure on top so nothing can fall out. The bag is also water resistant. Note that it stores in an attached keychain bag.
I have several of the Sea to Summit ultra sil products and they are very durable.

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I have the Sea to Summit 40L duffel bag that's going with me to Europe next week. I got it for less than $30 at another site. Folds up into a compact bag and weighs less than 3 oz. If nothing else, it will get filled with soft stuff and checked on the way home!

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Pam, the bag I have is the cheaper one although the one you showed looks cute in the 2-tone blue.

Size: ours held 2 beach towels, a cover-up, an ipad, sunblock, and sunglasses. I wouldn't want anything larger for shopping at the grocery stores or taking to a picnic. I like the size, so I can stuff my lightweight coat into it when I don't want to wear the coat on the plane but would rather not have it end up stepped on during the flight. It will hold my coat, silencing headphones, Kindle, water bottle, and a few snacks for the flight. It's a good size for daytrips if we jump on a train and just want to take a few items along with us, including a lunch.

Comments about negative reviews in Amazon: 77% concur with a 5-rating I would give it, and with only 3% negative, I wasn't worried about sharing my experience with it. Wrinkles - I pushed it into the self-pocket several times; it loses the wrinkles again when items are in it. We had a camping tent years ago made out of the same material, and it would be wrinkly until we had the tent assembled.

I'm always amazed at the quantity of choices for luggage & bags; it seems like I rarely see two people with duplicate luggage or bags on a flight!

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I really like my Envirosax - I sewed a zipper in one to make it more a carry-on and less a market bag. Light, strong, made to roll up really small, and machine washable. If you're a smallish person the straps are just long enough to wear the bag back-pack style (more for short distances).

It does look a bit lighter duty than the Flip & Tumble items linked, but likely similar to a rip-stop bag.