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Valuable purchases due to RS or forum recommendations

Some of the items on my repetitive Packing List are directly due to the RS tours, his store, his guides, or from a person on our forum. Thank you! What have you specifically purchased because of their recommendations that endured the test of time?

Money belt - RS tours
RS tiny adapters- RS store
(Kitchen scale - weighing each item) - Rick Steves free classes in Edmonds. This one by his former guide, Sarah Murdoch

Forum participant recommendations:
Olay Daily Facial cloths, mentioned by Cindy.
Baggallini crossbody purses
2 Pack-n-Wipe, Multi-Use Towels. 1 1/2” dehydrated washcloths.

2 Plastic fold-up hangers
Avon Skin so Soft overpriced, yet effective mosquito repellent wipes

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A smaller suitcase. I've done carry-on for business for forever, but my wife had always needed to pack an extra kitchen sink. But thanks to this Forum, she's slowly become a convert and proud of it. The only sacrifice is that she gets two liquid bags and I get none.

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RS money belts and tiny adapters, and my Appenzell backpack:

Although it is called a "day bag" on the RSE website, I've used it as my main bag ever since our first RSE tour in 2009. My husband bought one 2 years ago, and has enjoyed it for our last 5 RSE tours.

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This forum has been, continues to be, extremely helpful to me.

Purchases made based on forum members' recommendations:

RS money belt

Tom Bihn Not sure who to thank for my new addiction.. Mardee?!?
3 travel trays packed .. and we’ve gifted them
2 small travel trays for on the plane
Co-Pilot… DH loves this bag
Small Café bag… perfect for day bag
Everyday cubelet.. my travel bag in a bag for when Café bag is too large, used as a packing cube
Vertical packing cube
2 clear organizer pouches … also gifted

Folding clothes hangers, always take and have used them consistently
Contact lens cases.. new one to me but will use on upcoming trip
Human Gear gotubs.. mini size for 311 bag for purchasing travel size toiletries, less expensive than Amazon
Bright yellow duct tape for adaptors & cords

Thanks to you all!

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All from forum tips:

  • Around-the-neck lanyard for cell phone
  • Airalo eSIMs
  • USB-chargeable mini-fan
  • Foldable coat hangers
  • Coat hanger hook adapters for hookless hotel hangers
  • Guidebooks in ebook form (when someone posts they're on sale for $0.99 or $1.99)
  • Relatively lightweight multi-plug for USB devices that has various adapter plugs
  • PrAna (and other) 97%-nylon slacks (indestructible and rain-shedding)
  • Merino-wool underlayers
  • Kool tie for hot-weather destinations
  • Mosquito-repellant wipes
  • RuMe totes from going-out-of-business sale (many friends and relatives also benefitted)

Big-time thanks to everyone.

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Thanks to Rick, we travel light.

Money belt - RS tours
RS tiny adapters- RS store
Veloce Shoulder Bag-received as a gift part of the RS tour package
Vera Bradley carry-on bags- rec. by a forum member.
TravelSmith & other lightweight travel dresses rec. by a forum members.

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I’m retiring my RS carry-on from international travel because of Jean’s experience. It’s been my favorite bag since we started traveling light after a wheel broke off on a larger bag mid-trip. I got it in 2010 and it still works fine, so I can use it domestically.

Other favorites: folding hangers, braided clothes line (bungee cord to anchor clothesline), packing cubes, laundry sheets.

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There are so many but I will give it a try.

Light weight slippers with soles for those long flights and trips to the bathroom, so comfy
Quick dry travel washcloth, which I now use at home because it’s a great exfoliator, lol
RS guide books plus all of his audio tour info that I download before trips
Bounce wipes for mosquitoes
Another fan of crossbody Baggallini
Credit cards rather than cash
Packing cubes, it’s amazing just how much you can roll into those things
Definately a light weight rolling carry on
I’m sure there are more many many more

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I prefer to think of the scarf as a foulard or cravat - more manly somehow.

I use the RS soft shoulder bag often, not just as my day bag while traveling, but whenever I'm gone for the day and not going into the office. The one I have dates back to the mesh bottle pockets and camel fabric color but otherwise as here:

Looks like they are closing it out -- wonder if I should buy a spare ... ... ...

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I bit the bullet and shelled out for a few pair of Smartwool socks. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

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I purchased an Osprey Daylite Wheeled Duffel bag based on someone's post (sorry, I don't remember who posted it right now). And then my husband and then a friend of mine purchased it as well. All of us really like the bag!

Rume totes - bought a lot of different items when someone posted that they were going out of business.

And I, too, have purchased several Rick Steves guidebooks for e-readers when a forum member mentioned that they were on sale.

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Valuable (or is it INvaluable?) to travel...I have learned so much from you all. Where to start? In no particular order...

From the RS Store:
♥RS Rolling Carry-On; never thought I could pack light, plus RS stands behind their warranty
♥Alarm clock; sorry to see it's not available anymore
♥Lambskin travel wallet; black for euros, brown for US$, the odd brown one for additional currency
♥Silk neck wallet
♥Plug adapters; Euro and UK (I will be adding colored tape per your recommendations)
♥Classic toiletries kit with insert: handier than I expected
♥RS Large packing cube, but I use small Sharper Image cubes from TJ Maxx because they are more durable

Forum ideas because many people have more expertise than me and I didn't think of them myself:
♥Stashbandz money belt: thank you Lo!
♥Folding hangers
♥Crossbody purse; best of the lot for me is an extra small Travelon which doesn't hurt my neck
♥RuMe cFold tote and 3-zip Baggie: these are the best for lightweight organization; my friends and I all thank whoever said the company was going out of business
♥Olay Daily Facial cloths; I also take a tiny bar of soap
♥Luggage scale and small tape measure

♥All the suggested apps, websites and sights to see; Thanks Everyone!

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Oh let's see. Well, just about every darned thing that I own, travel wise! And you all call ME the enabler (although I do admit that I have pushed, I mean suggested a few items from time to time)!

The original RS Through the Back Door backpack (which I still have)
Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote (still on the fence about this)
Cotopaxi 35L Allpa backpack (love it but keeping it for road trips)
Calpak backpack (love this)
Calpak packing cubes set (use these a lot)
Calpak tech bag (quit using after one trip, but I still like it)
Rick Steves packing cubes (like these also - it depends on what fits)
Travelon mesh pouches (the set of 3 replaced my toiletry bag—I love them!)
Universal Travel plug adaptor (works well)
Portable Digital Luggage scale (don't use much)
G4Free packable backpack (haven't used yet)
Rangeland Tote Backpack (haven't used yet)
Rangeland Laptop Tote Backpack (but it was free!)
Foldable Travel Duffel bag (used once and gave to my grandson)
Sherpani Crossbody bag (love this! It's my new day bag)
Darn Tough socks (nice but not as comfortable as Balagi or Feetures).
Sockwells compression socks (good for the flight)
Rick Steves small Euro adaptors (love these - I always bring a few along, even if I'm only using it at the airport layover)
Merino-wool base layers (Costco!!!)
Eddie Bauer travel pants (Costco!!!)
Eddie Bauer travel shirt (Costco!!!)
Foldable lightweight slippers with soles (love these)

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Hmmm....well, in reverse order with most recent first...

Longchamp tote
Baggallini tote plus just seeing the Baggallini brand recommended has instigated purchases, lol

From long ago:
A number of Le Sportsac items from cross body bags to totes
iPad Mini to replace my deceased Kindle
RS 2-wheeler bag
Eagle Creek Compression Cubes
Money belt from various tours
Original RS convertible back pack (now passed down to a younger friend!)

Fun thread, Jean!

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No wonder you’re the enabler, Mardee - LOL!

This valuable purchase isn’t from a forum participant- actually from my husband, but since several people are mentioning adapters, it might be a future idea for you. My husband said he wanted to buy me a gift in Madrid last week “because I love traveling in Europe”. He surprised me with a European charger plug that works for my iPhone and iPad cords at the same time….and I no longer need to bring adapters!!

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Oh yes, Pam, the iPad Mini! I’m using it right now! : )

I think our local travel group has talked each other into many useful items, plus trip ideas!

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packing cubes
laundry detergent sheets
money belt
solid shampoo and conditioner so they don't take up space in my liquids bag
We do have the old large rolling bag and the backpack, although I now use the smaller size MaxLite TravelPro and a Berilily backpack.

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A silk neck wallet? I had no idea such existed ! Now I'm googling.....

Fun thread, for sure!

EDIT- Eagle Creek???

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The braided clothesline lasted 8 years, until the material cracked and broke, so I think it was a good value. I plan to buy another one before my next trip, to Scotland in May/June.

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He surprised me with a European charger plug that works for my iPhone and iPad cords at the same time.

Jean, that's great - and what a great guy! I recently found a UK charger plug that has 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C outlets, plus 4 regular outlets, so I don't think I'll need an adaptor either. They're big (those UK plugs, ya know!) but I don't have to bring the other stuff I usually do. I'll have to look for a Euro one next time I travel outside the UK.

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Packing cubes! How did I ever pack without
And a carry-on suitcase, packing less. Best idea ever!

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I don’t recall who recommended these items but they’ve been very helpful on my trips:

  • small nightlight (for the bathroom) bought in Europe so no adapter needed.
  • A piece of paracord to use as a clothesline, along with a few clothes pins.
  • S-Biners with sidelocks (size#2)- to secure zippers on backpack & crossbody purse.

And…. I love my very small hand-made leather coin pouch (bought in Spain & another in Portugal) that slides onto my belt - it’s only big enough for some coins and a couple of credit cards.

Thanks everyone, I’m always learning from you!

Happy travels!

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Oh, Priscilla, thanks for reminding me: the lambskin travel wallet available on the RS website shop; I love mine; it's perfect for holding a day's worth of cash, including coins, as well as a debit and/or credit card. Stan has one too.

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I just went down the Tom Bihn rabbit hole this week, so to everyone who has suggested their products, I hate you all.

Other not so evil - or expensive - suggestions include laundry sheets, insect repellent wipes, sink stoppers for laundry (who knew there were so many sinks that don't hold water?).

Also, whoever pointed out that the shoe sleeves in the lids of carry-on bags are actually NOT best used for shoes - thank you, you are brilliant.

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Pat, here’s the silk neck wallet
I didn’t like the plastic shortened thing (don’t know what it’s called) biting into my neck so I removed it. To shorten the cord, I tied a loop low on one side of the cord. It was out of the way and not sticking out of my shirt. Since the back pocket doesn’t have a zipper, I sewed Velcro tabs to keep it closed. Probably not necessary but I didn’t want cash to fall out. Since that pocket was next to my body, I put cash in a ziplock snack bag so it wouldn’t get sweaty.

Packing cubes!
RS civita daypack.
RS guidebooks!
Streetwise Maps.
Undershirt neck wallet.
Drum roll … many tiny pouches of peanut M&M’s. (There - I said it. Someone had to say it.)

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Gosh, too many to count or remember.
Not only have my travel "things" been heavily influenced by this forum, but my whole travel style.

Definitely Tom Bihn.
And Mardee, I just ordered my first pair of Belagi socks from Amazon a few minutes ago.

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For you plus size women that like a nylon blouse to travel in...Layne Bryant has some on sale for under $20 right now. I just ordered 13 items for under $250.

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”Drum roll … many tiny pouches of peanut M&M’s.” - Sunbaked in Florida.

LOL! You have no idea how many times I saw M&M’s during our recent trip to Spain! That conversation was going on in the forum while we were being delayed at airports, an unexpected overnight at Minneapolis….which has a huge M&M store in the Mall of America!, etc.

I actually didn’t buy any during the trip……..saved my sweets calories for the gelato!

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I just went down the Tom Bihn rabbit hole this week, so to everyone who has suggested their products, I hate you all.

Ha ha, Rebecca! It is an expensive rabbit hole, but the bunny products are wonderful! I've been trying to remember where I first heard about Tom Bihn. I've been buying their products for at least 15 years, but I think I first heard about it here on the forum. Either that or Reddit. So hard to keep track of the bag posts, lol!

And Mardee, I just ordered my first pair of Belagi socks from Amazon a few minutes ago.

Vandrabrud, I hope you like them! I think they are the most comfortable socks I've ever had. BTW, if you're over near Sierra store (owned by TJ Maxx) they sometimes carry Balega socks for deeply discounted prices. You can also find them on the Sierra website (along with lots of other discounted travel stuff), although you have to look for socks that do not have the brand listed. It will say "Show Brand" and when you click on it, it shows the brand. But because it's so popular, you can't do a search for it.


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I’m chuckling about the M & M’s.

I always take Peanut M & M’s on my trips.

If any of you haven’t tried them with popcorn….you are missing out.

As far as what RS inspired travel items: packing cubes, small flashlight, travel wallet, neck wallet, money belt and leg wallet for passport, cc’s, cash, and coin purse.

I travel in November so am in my comfy Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans. Also have a light weight water proof Amazon Essential raincoat with great pockets for passport, wallet, coin purse, iphone, small Canon camera, gloves and kleenex packets.

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Among MANY other thing: color-grabber sheets to put in the washing machine so you can do blacks and whites at the same time. I'd never known these existed and, boy, was I nervous the first time I tried one. But wow, cheap and effective!

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Sun-Baked, well played with the peanut M&Ms!!!!

That reminds me, when I was home in the States week before last, right after we were all contributing to that thread, I have to admit that nowhere where I looked did I ever see crispy M&Ms (which I had recommended as my preference to peanut M&Ms). Do you all not have them in the States, or was northeastern Oklahoma just out of stock ?!!!

As far as actual purchases, I have a wonderful folding mechanical Bluetooth keyboard that I use with my iPad that Frank II recommended, and an Anker 65-W charging block that came with switchable US/Euro/UK pins. So I use it at home, then pack it to take it to the States, and only have to bring the little U.S. pin insert to switch out. It has two “big” USB slots and one USB-C. I think Bets recommended it. It is a bit heavy, but it charges things so quickly (got annoyed with a less powerful charging block not accomplishing the needful during breaks in my hotel room in Rome in Jan 2022) and can handle all my devices, so it's worth it to me.

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Jean, i used to use Oil of Olay facial wipes but switched to Kirkland facial wipes 10+ yrs ago. Exactly the same but bigger and much less expensive

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@Susan, thanks for the recommendation! I have two boxes of the Oil of Olay left, so I will save those for my upcoming trips. I can try the Kirklands one for a few weeks to make sure I’m not allergic to any ingredients before turning off my Subscribe & Save schedule for the others.

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Interesting thread!

  • Cotopaxi 35L Allpa backpack, replacing a totally worn out backpack I bought many, many years ago.
  • RS moneybelt
  • RS tiny adapters
  • RS small wallet/change purse - I use this year round
  • Laundry sheets
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Oh gosh, this thread is so much fun Jean!

"I think our local travel group has talked each other into many useful items, plus trip ideas!"

For sure...and since the group badgered me into trying ApplePay I haven't looked back!

Laughing at the resurgence of the Peanut M&Ms....and Kim, NE OK must just have been out of the crispy M&Ms. I saw some the other day in Walgreens or Rite Aid. Do I need to bring you some when I'm in Paris next Fall?

Someone was just asking me about the portable keyboards so I will direct her to this thread for ideas.

And yes, Jean's Dan is a champ! He rescued a meet up member last summer when a couple of jerks had parked so close to her bumpers (street parking) she couldn't get out. He volunteered to extricate her and zip/zap/about 3 back and forth's and he'd gotten her out.

I'm actually remembering a LOT more forum-inspired purchases thru the years after reading everyone else's posts!

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Posted by Claudia

I’m chuckling about the M & M’s.

I always take Peanut M & M’s on my trips.

If any of you haven’t tried them with popcorn….you are missing out.

A friend of mine in college used to make popcorn balls with M&Ms.

Rice Krispie treats would be good too.

After the last M&M thread, my coworker and I are on a quest to try different flavors of M&M’s. We have gone through several flavors. We cannot find the crispy ones locally. The closest we can get is crispy ones made with cocoa crispies. The cocoa crispy ones are next on our list to try.

Personally, the milk chocolate peanut ones in the yellow bag still tops all other varieties. A classic.

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No need to bring me crispy M&Ms Pam but thanks for thinking of me ! I can get them just fine here in Paris.

We don't have all the flavors here - brownie , caramel, I don't know what all - that I saw when I was back home, which is part of what surprised me about not finding THE M&Ms.

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Many of the things already listed were keepers for me (e.g., packing cubes, laundry sheets).

I also really like two things I’ve purchased that were recommended by Agnes:
1) The small sea to summit hanging toiletry bag:

I’d tried other hanging toiletry bags but they always tookup too much space. This one is small and works well for me.

2) The Zojirushi stainless steel 16 oz travel mug. I use this everyday at home and sometimes take it with me on trips. It keeps coffee hot all day long and it doesn’t leak.

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Most phones don't come with an earbud plug anymore, and it was someone on this Forum who told me about an adapter that I could plug into the charging port. That saved me a bunch of money because I had spent $400 the previous year for wired noise cancelling earbuds.

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Not only have I adopted many of these great finds over the years, after reading this post I have a new shopping list! Thanks everyone!

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Laura - and Agnes- thx for the Sea to Summit toiletry bag recommendations.

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Mardee, does this make me an Enabler Intern? LOL!

After this Saturday’s local meet up discussing how we strategize our personal item’s contents at the airport, I probably will have another item to add to this post!

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Yes Jean!!! Awesome post and thread.

I watched Sarah Murdoch’s packing demo video on this website, though she has since moved on. But her wisdom was a revelation, and I went down the rabbit hole of ultralight packing videos. I learned about theG4Free self-stuffing ultralight pack from her.

Doing sink laundry- learned that here too. I started bringing a large heavy duty plastic ziploc bag because my sink plug (the flat kind) didn’t work well in some sinks, but the plastic bag became my wash bucket.

Also: tech items, smartphone plans for international use, tricks like bringing extra ziploc bags in many sizes…

Here’s to you all…so many thanks! And good snacking ideas: M&Ms are great mixed with salted nuts too, but I haven’t tried the M&M/popcorn option yet!😋

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Mardee, does this make me an Enabler Intern? LOL!

Intern? Jean, you are a full-ranking Enabler! Because of you, I am the owner of the Cotopaxi 35L Allpa, and much more!

Here's what I want to know from all of you, though. How in the HECK do you bring all that candy on board and not sit there and down it all in one sitting. I can't do it. I envy those who can.

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Mardee, I used to pack a theater box of Hot Tamales candy or red licorice for flights on work trips, but those were difficult to leave alone once they were open. I switched to a roll of Sweet-tarts or Spree - not as exciting, but if I need a little sugar to avoid a headache, they work. The roll can be rewrapped vs. the open box or bag of peanut M&M’s which “call me” to finish them! ; )

I also take 2 individual serving bags of almonds. Those can be a substitute lunch or dinner with some veggies the first or second day or arrival when I’m acclimating to the new time zone.

And, Mardee, I wore a pair of Balega socks yesterday! I stopped into TJMaxx, and they had a pair of Balega socks. Your voice was calling me to buy them - ha!

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Candy is my downfall, with dark chocolate leading the pack. 😈
Having just one piece is the challenge…it usually works best for me to give it up altogether. Moderation works for some, I admire the resolve.

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And, Mardee, I wore a pair of Balega socks yesterday! I stopped into TJMaxx, and they had a pair of Balega socks. Your voice was calling me to buy them - ha!

Ha ha ha, Jean! Good for you! I have a pair on right now!

Well, I think I'm going to stick with my Ferris Roasted, Salted Cherries, Berries and Nuts (from Costco of course). They're so filling that I can't eat more than a handful or so, but so so good!

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Contact lens case.

Who'da thunk they could hold so much?

Bought one at Target for $1 or maybe $2 one day just to see.

I measured both cups. They are just about 1 teaspoon each cup level full.

Doesn't sound like much. Maybe good for an occasionally needed something, but not a daily one unless we're talking a weekend trip.

But I filled each cup with face cream. Not lotion from a pump bottle, cream from a jar. Level full.

I used a demitasse spoon, but have since bought one of those little rubber scrapers with a flexible spoon on one end and scraper on the other.

Well it has been 3 weeks using once daily for just my face, not neck or chest, normal usage amount, not stingy with it and 1 cup is now empty.

Who'da thunk!!!

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Balega socks-
Ok Mardee, what are the attributes of these socks that make them so desirable?😉

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acraven, can you please tell us where you found this item?
Coat hanger hook adapters for hookless hotel hangers

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Depending on wardrobe, neck wallet or the type that snaps onto your belt. So much better for me than the classic money belt.
Packing cubes
Folding flat plastic hangers for drying hand wash items
RS guidebooks (also Eyewitness) kindle version
iPad mini
Phone lanyard, love, love this addition to my travel accoutrements!
Adopting the less is better, travel light mindset. Big aide to a solo traveler.
Google maps, download the area beforehand

Totally ignorant of Balega socks….inquiring minds want to know more 😊

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I just returned-
The Eagle Creek silk neck passport holder was a winner. So much more comfortable than the alternative fabrics, and the adjuster ring was quite small and did not dig into the skin. Also, the strap was small like a bra strap and not noticeable around my neck. Who do I give credit to? Thanks you a thousand times!

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Balega socks: Okay, here is why I like them. They were first recommended to me by a sporting goods store that mostly sold shoes in Minneapolis. I bought a pair and have loved them every since. I don't know the attributes. All I know is that the fit very well, are extremely comfortable, and wash and dry well. I have other socks like Smartwool, Darn Tough and Feetures, and they're all nice, but none of them are as comfy or as well-fitting as the Balega socks.

Jean, I think there have been multiple recommendations for the Tom Bihn travel tray, mine included. I just love mine - so much so that I brought a second one with me (both small). I use one for my adaptors and charging plugs and the other for stuff that I use every day. BUT my recent best purchase (well, a gift I requested for my birthday) is the Tom Bihn Cubelet. I used it on this trip to store all my charging cords and it was a wonder. It kept them all contained in a very small space, and was easy to access and in a bright color, so easy to spot in my bag. I highly recommend this.

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Mardee, that cubelet looks very versatile! I was in my favorite store in Coeur d’Alene last month - Sportsmans, and the Cotopaxi llama logo “talked to me” & convinced me I needed some more Cotopaxi gear - LOL! It’s a logo enabler!

I bought the smallest cube for underwear instead of using my old RS mesh drawstring bag, and the short wide cube that will keep my scarves contained into one location without getting wrinkled since I am bringing a beautiful one for an opera premiere at the Palermo Massimo.

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For me: Laundry sheets, phone lanyard, silk neck wallet, RS rolling carry-on so I could carry on Lufthansa (my new one and my daughter's old one both weigh 6.1 lbs as stated in the product details), luggage scale, packing cubes, RS picnic set with corkscrew. I also bought the Civita backpack as it is so lightweight and flexible and can fit into a small space if not full. And not a purchase, but I just got Apple Pay and used it for my recent trip due to forum recommendations.

Balega socks aren't working for me, Smartwool are slightly better, but I just bought some Wright Socks Coolmesh II and I think they might work--time will tell.

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Money Belt
Travel Wallet
Coin Purse
Packing Cubes
Smart Wool Socks
Soft foam Ear Plugs
Neck Wallet
Idea to use Altoid tins to carry vitamins, or safety pins or thread and sewing needle or ear buds or…
Golf pencil to use to do crossword puzzles ( booklet bought at 99cent store or grocers)
Travel Tray
Taking a plastic spoon
Taking Kleenex packets
Twist ties
Portable iPhone Charger
Adapter and plugs
Small roll of gaffers tap. I strip some off the large roll and wrap it around a golf pencil or Bic pen.
Key Chain
Zip Lock Bags
Garbage Bags

Learned about TripIt, XE, TSA, and CityMapper apps.

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Oh, and because of you all, I brought an Ace bandage this time, ( using it like garlic, to ward off vampires.) But I was warding off potential injuries that would require an Ace bandage. So many of you reported that it's impossible to find Ace bandages in Europe.
Safe travels!

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I see lots of people mentioning the Olay wipes. I really only need them for eye makeup, so I cut them in 8ths! A package lasts forever!

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Thanks, Ruth! I cut my Oil of Olay half cloths into a fourth of the original size last night. That saves some more space in my toiletry kit.

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Another vote for an ace bandage, one of the 70 yr old women on my trip last week tripped over a curb and really tore up her elbow. There's no way Bandaids contributed by many of us would gave stayed on her elbow without the addition of the ace bandage

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I am amazed at how handy the Tom Bihn Travel “tray” ( needs a different description; it’s not a tray) has been already on this trip! I bought the large size. Thank you so much to the people who have recommended it on the forum for the bedside table.

It’s a very lightweight fabric cylinder with a stiffer ring to keep it’s shape, & with a drawstring top when closing it back up. I loaded it with my power cords, adapters, teeny flashlight, & pen in it. Those stay in it all of the time. I place my money belt and watch & earrings in it at night.

When it’s morning, pull the drawstring, push it down into the flat circle, and it’s all ready for the nxt location. Four locations so far, and it’s on my permanent packing list!