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No thanks. First, vacuum compression allows one to pack more weight into the same space, so it could easily lead to exceeding some airlines’ weight limit. Second, after arrival and opening of your bag, you would have to use the vacuum compression system to fit it all back into the bag. And you have to carry the pump and a plug adaptor for it (adding more weight and taking up precious space).

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My first reaction was nope, too much of a temptation to overpack. I hadn't even considered the need to repack. What if the vacuum pump breaks or malfunctions when you move from city A to city B?

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Not a chance. Will lead to overpacking and too much weight. And what will one do when Murphee's Law kicks in and the vacum pump malfunctions.

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Hi thank you for sharing all your interesting and beautiful places of Europe. Europe is on my bucket list for my travels one day.

I know not all of us are founded of backpacks but I really do like this one, because you can add a lot more into it and it can be used as a carry-on, on a plane. Thank you for sharing the link.

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Absolutely note. For what purpose. Any vacuum assist bag is worthless when travel since it is rare to have access to a suitable vacuum machine.

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People should just go ahead and check a bag, if they have too much stuff for a normal carryon.