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Updated Recommendations for Women's Wrinkle Resistant Dresses?

Does anyone have any recommendations for dresses available now that are good for travel. Mostly I'm thinking about wrinkle-resistant because I am ironing-impaired, so probably polyester mostly? Something versatile that could go to a nicer restaurant if necessary. We're doing both France and Ireland in June so temps in the evenings will probably be in the 50s or low 60s. I was considering the Royal Robbins Spotless dress (Eddie Bauer has a similar) but I'm concerned that it is has no sleeves, though I guess that's what cardigans are for? Any other suggestions welcome!

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I like to take a sleeveless dress (mine is Eddie Bauer) and pair it with a cardigan. Nice-looking and versatile. And it may still be quite warm at night in June, at least on your way to the restaurant, so you may be grateful for the sleeveless aspect.

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What about a black knit dress? Sleeveless or short sleeve. L.L. Bean has several to choose from.
(I find that 100% cotton is cooler than polyester if the weather is warm.)
You can dress it up with a string of pearls or a pretty scarf.
If you want more coverage, a cardigan will work, as Lola said.
A pretty shawl would work, too.

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Try Chico's either on line or in store. They usually have knits and a Zynergy fabric in the Neema line.

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I just bought two dresses at J. Jill from the Wearever Collection. They were ready to wear after hanging for a short time.

Chicos also has a Traveler Collection. They offer everything you might need for a trip. I have several pieces that can be dressed up or down.

Have fun on your trip.

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You might want to try wool& (brand). Their website is
The styles look travel-appropriate (meaning they dress up and dress down into different styles), wool is natural and supposed to be anti-stink, and the brand is known for the 100-day dress challenge. I can't personally vouch for any of it, but if I were looking for a dress to travel in for those temperatures, I would try them. There are styles with and without sleeves.

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I agree with the recommendation for the Wool& ( dresses. I have several long-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless and 3/4 length sleeve dresses. They are my favorite. Merino wool is wrinkle resistant and stink proof. You can wear it for many days without needing to wash it. I cannot recommend these dresses enough. I also have another favorite brand which is a bit less expensive than those made of merino wool and that is Nuu-Muu ( My favorite style of this brand is the keyhole with a pocket (Ruu-Muu). These are very colorful and all are sleevelss (except for the GoBe style which does not have a pocket and has 3/4 length sleeves). Good luck finding something you like!

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Thanks for all the thoughtful replies. There's a lot of good info and brands here for someone like me, who isn't really dressy in normal life.

I do have a lot of merino in my hiking wardrobe but I've never heard of wool&. I'd love to have a dress made of the stuff!

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Try Joseph Ribkoff, available online at 1ère Avenue. Although not wool, their clothes are wrinkle proof.

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I know this is too late for your trip, but maybe it will be on interest to someone else.

GapFactory has what I consider the perfect travel dress:

I have two black ones and a turquoise one. (Also a green tank version!) They are cotton. Can be hand washed and hang to dry overnight. Can also be machine washed (which I do at home) with no problem. They are a soft crinkle gauze material, so you can roll them and never need to iron. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. It was a lifesaver in Costa Rica. They cover the shoulders. The tall version covers my knees, and I’m 5’9. Dress up with a scarf/jewelry/sandals. Dress down with sneakers. Turn it backward to change the neck from a v to a crew neck. Change out the belt for a scarf. So many options!

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Honestly, I have been finding some great dresses on Amazon. Amazon Essentials has some great little dresses. I go for the knee length or shorter one, but there are all lengths. I just wore one yesterday and at Nordstrom I got several compliments on it;) They are only about $20 or so, very comfy, wash up well, and do not wrinkle. I like the fit of the swing dresses, as they call them. This is the one I wore yesterday. It is longer than it shows on the model.

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Thanks for continuing to make suggestions. I'm sure others will find it useful.

Just to follow up, I ended up getting the "Summer Knit Dress" from L.L. Bean which is sold out now, but maybe there'll be a new version next year. ( ) . It was VERY comfortable and I felt could be dressed up or down. On one cooler evening, I pulled a light sweater over it and it looked cute. I expect it will last me several years, as the material feels of a very high quality.

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For those who are still looking, 32 Degrees has a cute v-neck t-shirt dress that's wrinkle and odor resistant. It's polyester and lycra, and is really comfortable (sort of silky). I have it in black and inky indigo, and I can wear them to work with a cardigan or blazer, dress them up with jewelry or a scarf, or wear with a pair of flip-flops on the weekends. I also used it as a nightshirt on our last trip!

Bonus - they're generally inexpensive, and they're currently on sale for $9.99!