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United carry on

Will United allow me to use the Civita day bag as a "personal item"? In looking at United's website, the dimensions for the bag may be 1 inch to wide...I am flying to Europe soon and I am trying to pack lightly. I have a carry on that is ok...but it appears the personal item has to be quite small. I am not an experienced traveler....yet. Thanks. Joseph.

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Just don't pack it full. The Civita bag is soft and scrunchible- so don't cram it full and it will be within size. Given the number of people who try to bring on multiple enormous carryons, you shouldn't be noticeable.

I had not seen them put a max size for personal item before, so thanks for pointing that out.

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My husband always uses his as his personal bag. We fly United.

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The personal item needs to fit under the seat in front of you. If you don't pack it full it will be fine.

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You can always call United to confirm this, but in our experience, the other posters here are right. As long as it fits under the seat, you should be fine.

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There is no sizing basket for the personal item and the gate agents don't have measuring tapes.

If it fits by kicking and squishing, it flies.

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Actually, United has started installing sizers for both your carry-on and personal items at their gates. Below is a link from United's website that shows a picture..

There's an extensive conversation over on FlyerTalk about this (link below). The sizer for the personal item measures 9 X 11 X 18, so it's actually a bit bigger than the advertised maximum dimensions. Personally, I have used the Civita day bag many times as my personal item with no problems.