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Umbrellas, really.

I didn’t want to contribute to the dubious thread so here’s a new, legitimate topic.

I have a couple of Metro umbrellas from Blunt. About as wind proof as possible but their major attribute is the lack of pointy bits. I took it to Scotland and did not use it, even on the rainy days. However, if we had been able to get to Iona in the storm, I would have been glad to have both the umbrella and the rain pants. I will not be taking it on my next visit to Europe.

Here at home in Boise, Idaho, the Metro has been a nice accessory for walking in rain or wet snow but its most beneficial function is actually as a parasol.

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Do you use your metro umbrella as a parasol when you go tubing on the Boise River? One of the things I miss about not living in Boise any more.

Seriously, it looks good!

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I followed the link to Blunt and then decided to Google the umbrella for reviews. The link to Outdoor Gear Labs reviews of umbrellas came up near the top. Looking at the design of the Blunt it appeared the coverage may be compromised and this was what Outdoor Gear Labs commented on though it is a well made umbrella. The review includes 5 umbrellas. I have used this site before when looking for outdoor gear and found it helpful. This is the link for the umbrella reviews.

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I took my small travel umbrella to use as a parasol on a hike to Delicate Arch (Moab, Utah) on a hot day, and nearly every person I passed said, "You are SMART!"

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I purchased a new travel umbrella for the 5-weeks trip I'm on right now. The product is a "Knirps slim travel umbrella," a brand which I hadn't heard of before purchasing it. It's a medium blue color with lighter blue medium polka dots. I've used it quite a bit, as it's been drizzly and cold in Spain and France the past 2.5 weeks. The price was $29.96 and worth it.

The umbrella literally dries in a flash if you bang the handle on your opposite hand to get the drops off. I leave it opened and it's completely dry in about 15 minutes. It comes with a zippered carrying case in the same color but a heavier nylon fabric. Love this umbrella for travel, it's very small to carry around in a pocket or small bag. I usually buy travel umbrellas for about $14 at Target, but the Knirps for <$30 is a wonder.

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Knirps is an especially excellent brand. I've bought their products for over 40 years. Never an issue.

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Sorry, had to laugh when I opened the website for the Blunt umbrella and saw that you can buy this with 4 easy payments.
Who buys an umbrella on an installment plan?

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I've had a Blunt Metro for a couple of years. Both of our kids also use them at college. I've been very happy with mine and wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if something happened to it. I've used it for protection from both rain and sun. Mine is light gray but they come in quite a few different colors.