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Ultralight luggage-Looking for the lightest luggage to check when flying in Europe

Hello all,

Planning a multi-country Europe trip using low-cost carriers within Europe with very low weight allowances. Need to purchase new luggage as most of ours is too large and heavy. Any advice on affordable luggage that is light that will conform to the 23KG (full) that does not weigh too much? Lots of transfers so need something with wheels. Do not want to purchase a big suitcase that when full it will be way over the 23KG. However, we will probably be buying some things and need room to pack on return trip. What would be the best choice regarding weight of bag alone and size?

Thank you so much!!!

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There are trade-offs between weight and durability. More durable bags are usually both more costly and heavier; they typically will have better wheels, though, which is a major plus. Most wheeled bags these days have four wheels, and those wheels seem to be more fragile than the ones used on two-wheeled bags.

I had a 4-wheeled IT bag I used for 120 days in Europe--taking only a few taxis, so there was a lot of sidewalk mileage--before the first wheel failed, and that happened immediately after a flight, so it could have been the result of airline damage. It was a major hassle to have a wheel fail during a trip.

IT bags are very, very lightweight; I believe that IT bag weighed about 3.5 lb. and was between 24" and 25" long, including the wheels. Just before everything shut down last year, I bought a couple of two-wheeled, soft-sided IT bags at either TJMaxx or Marshalls. Those bags may be slightly larger, but they were noticeably lighter than the other options in the store, plus they had only two wheels, which I much prefer. It's possible all the current IT bags have four wheels. If I had no other choice, I'd at least try to choose a bag with double wheels; that's the newer trend, and I hope that type of wheel is sturdier.

For bag overflow, I take a sturdy packable tote with me. I also use it for bus and train rides during the trip, to hold food, water bottle, tablet computer, etc. A sturdy packable tote will not be feather-light, but if you expect to use it for purchases as the trip goes on, you want to be confident the seams won't rip.

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How do you normally travel? Low weight allowances of 23 kgs (over 50lbs)? That’s not what I call ultralight.

My checked 2 wheel Samsonite duffel is huge and when fully rammed, it’s rarely over 20kgs when I go away for a month. My husband purchased a lightweight 4 wheel suitcase 18 months ago from Amazon which has withstood the rigours of several flights. I prefer 2 wheels, but he prefers the 4 wheeler.

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You do realize 23kg is 50.7 pounds?

A bag of concrete mix is typically 50-or 60 pounds.

Do you really pack your bag that densely?

Your checked luggage is probably OK. Its the carry-on size and weight restrictions that challenge most folk

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We got Ricardo bags at Costco for under $50 that fit within most us airline requirements and are fairly light weight. I also have a Travelpro from Tues Morning. You can find some great deals there. Almost bought a small hardside there the other day for under $24 that's currently listed on Amazon for over $60.

Weight and size are important but so are details. I like the Travelpro better because it has features like corner guards to protect from wear and it has a outer pocket for small items so they don't slide to the bottom when upright. Also it's purple - much easier to find than the ooh so popular black. Don't like the over large pull handle that doesn't fit all trolley straps.

I like to have room for shopping too so I weight my bag before leaving and try to keep to 40lbs max. Buy a good luggage scale - digital, rechargeable and take it with you.

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If you are looking to downsize to a 20-22" roller take a look at TJ Maxx if you have one in your area. That will still not be small enough for carry on on some of the low-cost carriers which I think is closer to 18inches for a carry-on. When you go shopping take a tape measure with you so you can measure the bag with wheels and handle.

If you are planning to check your bag on the LCC flights then a 20-22 will probably work.

I got a 21" Travel Pro 2 years ago for under $100 at TJ Maxx.

You might look at Rick's luggage as well. I've got the 21" rollaboard and it works fine. It's older and kind of scuffed which is why I bought the Travel Pro when I saw it.

I've traveled for 6-8 weeks with the 20-22" bags but I don't buy much.

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Check out TJMaxx and Marshall stores. Depending on demographics, inventory may vary.

Check out travel bags. They usually have a good sale.

I got a 22" two-wheel rolling duffle. Approx 5 lbs. (Or, check out other travel merchant rolling duffles.)

Depending on how you pack, you may get a bit more room with a Kipling product because, while sturdy, the material is malleable.

Wal-Mart sells American Tourister "rimless" packing cubes. This affords more play in corners and stacking. They come in a set of three - S,M,L.

I used the duffle for domestic carry on - no issues for OH. I put my coat in a new garbage bag and laid it atop the duffle.

For an international flight, I
checked it. No issues or damages. Actually, it doesn't even look 22." When I went to retrieve it, the handler chuckled, and remarked how "tiny it looked." I checked that because I was taking extra stuff for my Italy trip.

My next suggestion is check out Macy' and the physical store.

They sell Travel Pro. Check out the "close outs." Don't let that deter you.

I got a terrific deal on brand new 22" Travel Pro Walkabout 3 a few years ago. I got Blue and a Purple (to keep on hand.)

Macy's honors the same return policy regardless of close outs or sales.

Both luggage pieces were on sale, and I had an additional percent off - one came to about $50. The Purple was a bit more. Point being: if you like them, keep checking for the deep discount.

The Walkabouts offer the bigger, "rugged" rear wheels which I prefer. The cobblestones of Italy and I presume (EU), are kinder to the ruggeds.

Overall, the luggage is very lightweight yet very sturdy. Good interior space. The telescopic handle is good also.

I used the Blue on my trips to Italy - as a carry on and as checked - the checked came out on the conveyor with no damages to the luggage or my liquid purchases - fully in tact. [I bring sheets of bubble wrap to wrap jars/bottles before I wrap them again in clothing. Most merchants in Italy will bubble wrap fragile items.]

The Walkabout 3 fit in the OH of British Air. I can't offer experience in a smaller or more budget airline.

Travel Pro Walkabout 3 is sold out. They now have on "close out," Walkabout 4; choice pieces with the larger, rugged wheels. They also have a 17" 'underseater.'

Adding: I think "spinner wheels" can add to the problem of not fitting in the OH properly. Feet first longways.

I've seen travelers put luggage sideways taking up too much room. FA then has to come and rearrange; especially if it's a full flight.

Another tip you may consider: Bring duct tape. If you're traveling multi city and multi country, it can come in handy.

Wal-Mart used to sell small travel rolls in every color. I stocked up, lol, they were clearanced out.

If interested, you might still find them at Michael's Crafts in primary colors - coupons accepted.

Ex: On my black Kipling duffle, I put bright orange strips in strategic places - hard to miss in baggage area. Airport personnel thought it was a good idea, lol.

Once, walking through Termini in Rome, there was a man whose luggage handle broke. I had a roll of black in my day bag. With the help of a bookstore associate, we used a couple strips to secure the handle until he got to his destination. He made his train on time, haha.

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You do realize 23kg is 50.7 pounds?

Exactly. That's not really "very low" at all. Trust me, you do not want to be hauling that much weight around train stations and up/down stairs at accommodations which don't have lifts; more common than you'd think. We travel with 24" soft-sided, rolling Travel Pros - a bigger size than many on the forums travel with 'cuz we're OK with checking them, and, funny enough, got them on close-out at Macy's years ago - and mine weighs around 21 -22 pounds (9.5 - 10 KG) fully loaded on the way over; more coming home but not even close to 40 or 50!. They're not what I'd call super light on their own, maybe, but we went for size, desired interior configuration and brand. Travel Pro is well known for durability.

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I think you are misunderstanding the requirements. As stated above 23 kg is over 50 pounds. That is too heavy even for checked luggage in the US. I think you must mean 23 pounds. The weight range for a loaded, standard carry-on size bag is 20 to 25 lb. Most carry on size bags with wheels will be in the 5 lb range so you can pack about 20 lb of stuff. That should be more than adequate. In Europe we prefer the no wheel back pack style of carry-on bags simply because we like having our hands free and second, the sidewalks and streets can be very rough on wheeled luggage. And can be easily checked on budget carriers. Some discount carriers would not accept a 50+ lb bag as checked luggage.

If you want to buy a few things, we take a folding duffel bag to pack dirty clothes for the return flight and put our purchases in one of the carry-on bags on the flight home. There are lots of bags that will fit your requirements at discount outlets.

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It would help if you let us in on what Budget Airlines you are looking at. As others mentioned, 23 Kilo sounds high for the carriers I am familiar with, many have a 10 Kilo limit...which is about 22 to 23 pounds. Baggage size also varies by carrier, though not too hard to find a one size fits all solution.

I also try to tell people to just suck it up and pay to check a bag, the cost is not excessive given the cheap cost of the ticket, and the penalties for being over, steep. For some airlines, like Ryanair, it also pays to get Priority boarding, and each carrier has a strategy for the best experience.

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You suggested you would be using Discount Airlines. I do that a lot too. So you really want to plan around them. They generally start cheap and the price goes up quickly for every add on. So, I picked one of my frequent routes on Wizzair as an example.

Base Fare = $70.30
For this you get one 40 x 30 x 20 cm “under-seat bag” with no weight limitations ( 15 3/4” x 11 3/4” x 7 3/4” is a safe conversion). This is what the luggage wanks on RS will call traveling light. To be honest, even if not on a fishing trip, I cant make that work for me.

Wizz Go = $102.86
For this you get the under-seat bag plus a real carry-on they use the term “trolly” but any carry on is fine as long as it is under 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Again, no weight limit. (21 1/2 x 15 3/4" x 9”). Measure your bag because there are 21” carry-ons out that that are more than 21”, most are bigger than the other two dimensions and discount airlines can be strict. Its how they make their money. You will also get to check a 20kg bag.

This is where I stop. Because with the Under-seat bag and the Carry-on I can manage most trips … even fishing trips. Then I can just get off the plane and walk away. Generally about 17 Kilo on my back in the RS bag (including a 7 piece fly rod and expandable net) and another 12 or so in the under-seat bag (fishing waders, wading boots, lures, lines, long johns, under wader quick dry pants, quick dry shirt, windbreaker, watch cap).

You could use a roller bag for the carry-on, but I use Rick Steve’s Back Door bag. It’s a backpack so I always know where it is, if fits well and holds more than enough. And it is among the lightest bags out there; and yes, I agree, that's important. You can pack 20 kilo in that and still be under the size requirement and you get more volume because there are no wheels and pull out handle to eat up inches. And its comfortable on my back. The under-seat bag is a cheap thing I bought on Amazon and is the exact legal size. I think $20. Its worked great on a number of trips now. This same formula works on a number of Discount and full fare airlines. Turkish Air for example.

Wizz Plus and Flex = $126.56. But if you want to carry a 30 kg check in bag, then ramp it up to this.

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In 2019 I traveled on Air France with a Travel Pro Maxlite 5-the 19" size not the 21". I really liked it.

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You need to pack lightly. The first two times I traveled alone as an adult, I took a big 30-inch suitcase with 2 wheels. I stuffed it full. I wrongly believed I needed a change of clothes for every day I was away. Then I got wiser. I switched to taking only one to two changes of clothes, washing clothes in sinks in hotels. My current luggage is a 22 inch travel bag without wheels, made of woven nylon, and a Jansport backpack that is meant to be a school bag.. I bough both at Target in 2015. Maybe in the future I will switch to a backpack meant to hold clothes and most other stuff. Supposed you pack lightly enough that you don't have to check in any luggage? Can you take just one change of clothes per person? Wouldn't travel bags without wheels be lighter than any luggage with frames and/or wheels?

Sellers on E-bay seem to have a lot of appealing travel bags. They most likely have a bigger or better selections than most traditional physical retail location.

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It isn't good enough to pick lightweight luggage. You need to pack

I think you should pack in such a way that you have everything you need to make the best of the trip based on your preferences and style and planned activities.

I switched to taking only one to two changes of clothes, washing
clothes in sinks in hotels.

I seriously think its great, but I prefer hotel laundry service for a couple of changes for day tours, and a change for a nice dinner and sometimes a change for the theater. Oh, then bed and lounging clothes. If its winter the list grows a bit more. And if its one of my fishing trips the list grows even bigger.

Supposed you pack lightly enough that you don't have to check in any

I don't think weight is the issue between carry-on and check in. I think its more about what you find convenient. People who are challenged at lifting carryon to the overhead or carrying it through an airport might prefer a check-in bag. But its not always about weight. Wizzair, Easy Jet, Ryan, Delta, American and United don’t have a weight limit on carry on. Most European full fare airlines that do have a weight limit, generally 17.5 lbs and above. But few set a weight limit on the personal item and personal items can be pretty large, so that’s where you can load up the heavy stuff. This is my fly fishing outfit on its way to Albania last September. All but the rod and net (a tad too long and had to go in the RS Backdoor bag carry-on.!Ai7Zk-szxfTJidJjYaDjGJqXIWVbWQ?e=3DXtfD Most people can stick with the standard carry-on plus the personal item and could conceivably carry 30 pounds or more without checking a bag.

So there is not right, now wrong. Just what works for you. And that might be a conventional check-in bag. If so, and that makes the trip more enjoyable, then go for it. There are a couple of sites that have size and weight listings, but always best to check the carrier to ensure that nothing has changed. But for a start if it concerns you:

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I seriously think its great, but I prefer hotel laundry service for a
couple of changes for day tours, and a change for a nice dinner and
sometimes a change for the theater. Oh, then bed and lounging clothes.

LOL. We've never paid a service to do our laundry and never would. We also don't travel with clothes only for the theater or for a dinner which requires more than our daily attire. No "lounging clothes" either. No right or wrong, we just all travel differently...which is sort of what you said. :O)

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So far i have stayed in hostels or low end-hotels. Some of the hostels had washing machines and dryers. Depending on how cheap I am feeling, I might use the washing machine if available.... I always air-dry my clothes, because clothing lasts longer if you air-dry it.

I don't remember originally putting a lot of thought into packing lightly. The only thing i changed in packing for my 3rd and 4th solo trips is that I reduced, and then significantly reduced, the amount of clothes I packed, and I switched to luggage without wheels that I was able to stuff into the overhead bins on the planes....sometimes my paded school-backpack can be stuffed under the seat in front of me. It seems to me that the overall weight of a packed bag is something to consider and not just the weight of your luggage empty. But consider, what is the bare minimum amount of stuff you have to carry with you on a trip, to survive ok?

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You asked about a light bag to check. I check Rick Steves wheeled bag, and it still looks like new (6 years now, but 5 really due to Covid). I don't think it is possible for me to put enough in it to reach 23KG, as it is carry on size. However, it is my opinion that a checked bag is better sturdy and a little heavy, than light, if you can handle it for surviving check in. I keep mine around 20 lbs. If you read luggage handlers' comments, they indicate a 4 wheeled bag is treated more kindly than a two wheeled bag because they can just push it towards the other handler, rather than throwing it over. Something to keep in mind.

In summary, you need to be able to lift and maneuver your bag(s), as well as have it survive the checked bag adventure.

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Kathy.... I've gotten spoiled over the years and there are certain events that I love; I've even traveled with a tux. But just the same my stuff, if I dont need a tux or fishing waders, fits in a RS Backdoor bag and a small "personal item" for the lap top, meds, book, and a clean shirt.

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You can look up the baggage allowances and costs for each airline you expect to use (since every airline has its own rules) -- and figure out how many bags you are comfortable with handling on your multiple transfers. Size AND weight count for the airlines, depending on whether you plan to check or carry on board.(We each routinely check one 22" rollaboard and carry on an under-seat item -- for trips up to 6 weeks and multiple destinations.)
Note that if you pay the baggage charges when you book your flight is is MUCH less expensive than paying for the bags at the check-in counter.

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I highly recommend luggage from a brand called Lojel. Super high quality, though not cheap. They have a line of hard-sided suitcases that open like soft-sided ones. My husband bought one and loves it. He never lets me borrow it, no matter how many times I asked.

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We like our Osprey Ozone wheeled luggage. We go for up to two months with a 22” piece plus a daypack each. It is not cheap, but at 4.5 lbs it is the lightest, toughest I could find. It stands up to the rigors of travel quite well and fully loaded, for me, runs about 20-22 pounds. Similar to mine is here on Amazon,

Luggage can make a new traveler a bit dizzy from the choices. Better to have some criteria. Example - will you be wearing casual clothes that can be rolled-up or more formal/business type clothes? Will you have bulky jackets? Then, there is the luggage length allowed as carry-on into the cabin as opposed to checked luggage. Backpack style luggage is very light weight due to lack of wheels if you can handle it.

If you are doing carry-on, go with a backpack style bag of 40 liters. (Example: Deuter aviant 40 liter duffel). Pack in a minimalist way. I do something similar with an older bag and total bag weight (bag + contents) = 13 - 15 lb.s total.

Packing as a family with a large 25” bag (checked) and a few under seat carry-on bags - the checked bag weighed about 45 lb.s; mainly because of some heavy boots.

You can buy a luggage scale at places like Wal-Mart and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They are cheap and look like a handle with a strap. Just hook it to the bag and lift. Read the digital information on the handle screen.
For carry-on luggage, check with maximum dimensions with the carrier first. Generally, you are good with a 20” length x 14” x 9” bag about 40 liters. Domestically - 22”x 14” x 9” at 45 liters. If purchasing directly at a store. Take a tape measure with you. Stand the bag vertically with handle facing up/ the ceiling. Measure from the floor to the top of the handle (highest point). Measure width and depth. (Some companies don’t include wheels in measurements. Wheels count!)

Most bags weigh around 5 - 7 lb.s. There are some that are a little less and some that are heavy as tanks. Anything in 5 - 7 lb. range is good for a wheeled bag. Backpacks are lighter - around 2.5 - 3.5 lb.s. Don’t get hung up on bag weight if you are in this range. Look more at dimensions and liters.

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I'm not giving any advice until a few items are clarified...

1) Do you plan to check luggage rather than just carry on? (The way you worded it sounds like you might be doing carry on.)

2) You are aware that 23 kg is 50 lbs.? (How much stuff are you taking? Why not pack it all and see what it weighs without a suitcase and then you'll know how heavy a bag you can buy.)

3) You say you do not want to purchase a big suitcase. What size are you looking at?

4) You say lots of transfers. If you're checking a bag, why worry about transers and just check it through to your final destination?

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Frank is correct on item 4. The only time you need to touch a checked bag is when returning to the US. If you mean you are visiting a lot of countries and you are repeatedly flying then that's different and you might appreciate wheels.

I would get what ever looks good to you for under $60 at Walmart or Target. Doesn't matter as long as the size is right for you. The thing will last for 50 flights. The fancy $240 bags really aren't much better a lot of the time; and would have to last 200 flights to be worth the investment. Are you going to do 200 flights? If you fly that much you will change your mind on what kind of bag to use anyway.

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What is your packing style? Most people on this site waste little space packing, so do fine with a roll aboard and a day pack. Something like hiking boots, I either wear or tie to the outside of my personal item. Dinner jacket, my husband wears it on the plane.
The 23kg limit is for flying to a cruise ship or moving to college. That doesn't concern people traveling around Europe on trains and discount flights.
So after you watch the packing videos on this website, and look at capsule wardrobes, you might decide you want a roll aboard. If you want unstructured, you can look at the Eagle Creeks ($$$) for ideas. If you might check bags, Travel pro ($$) has structured bags. Then go to TJMaxx or such to find something similar ($). And as others said, be sure to bring a measure and include the wheels. Inspect the wheels well because those are the most vulnerable. I love my 4-wheeler but have never checked it, only my two-wheeler, so take care about that.
You can find 2-wheelers online, not in stores. They are becoming extinct.

James makes a good point on bag cost. You can spend whatever you want. If you are doing carry-on, a cheaper bag can hold your stuff as well as a more expensive bag. You are personally handling it and I am assuming that you are not damaging it by repeatedly slamming it around. Your bag should be weather resistant due to walking around outdoors with it. If getting a wheeled bag, you want durability in the wheels for lugging around outside an airport. But, you don’t necessarily need “bomb proof” luggage. In-line skate wheels work well on 2 - wheel bags.

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The cheaper bags ( especially if used only as carry on) can be a good choice, as long as the distances you have to pull it are short. There is a BIG difference in wheels. Spend a bit more, and get one that rolls better and will last longer.

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My 7 or 8 year old 21" IFly Walmart Cheapie sells today for $53. Wheels still good. No rips, no tears, handle perfect. I use my RS Back Door Bag most of the time, still that IFLY has been on every domestic trip (maybe 20) and probably 25% of my international trips (maybe 10 mostly rough Eastern European or Central American trips). I just cant see paying $200 or more for a piece of luggage.

Actually i checked one of the bags listed above. Beautiful. $240 for the exact same size as mine, except it weighs a pound more than my Walmart Cheapie.

Another way to look at it is the money i didnts spend on luggage I spent on hotel laundry service :-)

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There are some less heavy wheelies; there are no ultralight wheelies.

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One of the things I like about the Eagle Creek bags I have is that they are expandable. The larger one gets a little too thick for carry on if I do that, so I've only done it once and checked it for the nonstop flight back home. I just had to bring home those tees from the Globe and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

The expansion feature might work for you, if you don't buy too much stuff. If you plan to buy a lot of stuff along the way, those transfers will be increasingly more difficult, no matter what the sizes of your bags are.

My smaller international Eagle Creek's expanson takes the depth up to "normal" for carry ons. This is now the only bag I'll use for European travel. These are the specs of my Eagle Creek International carry-on:  51.5 x 35.5 x 20 - 24 cm, 20.25 x 14 x 8 - 9.25 in. 36-39 L. 2200-2375 cu in. 2kg. 4 lbs, 9 oz.  My luggage scale weighs it as 4 lbs, 6 oz.

My bag is about 3 years old and is no longer sold by Eagle Creek. The newer version is described as a little bigger and heavier, but still light enough and small enough to be "international."

It's called Gear Warrior Wheeled Duffel International Carry On and appears to be on sale now. At first I was concerned about having only 2 wheels, primarily in taking it down the aisles in the plane. On my first trip with it, I learned that its 14" width is plenty narrow enough to push in front of me down the aisle.

I pack for a week, coordinate everything, do laundry along the way and wear things 2 or 3 times before washing them. My next trip (late this year, she said hopefully) will be in cooler weather, so I'll have to be more creative with my packing. I try to limit the total weight of my bag to 20-22 pounds (9-10 kg).

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Don't you love it when someone asks a question, many of us take our time to answer it, and the OP never returns.

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Ah, but Frank II, we do it for the fun. Just like we read questions to see if there's a new idea we haven't tried yet.

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And that is one reason I respond to fewer and fewer questions. Especially if it looks like they haven't done their homework.

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My carry-on is Travel Pro. It's super light, two-wheeled, but I don't know if it would fit the dimensions for European budget carriers. I can only vouch for domestic trips. I don't know the exact model (it's a few years old now), unfortunately, and it would probably not be useful even if I did...since they change so much from year-to-year based on tastes. Look on Wirecutter for reviews, and don't constrain yourself only with options found in stores. There is a better selection online.

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Hello everyone. Thank you VERY much for all the replies. I had to get my laptop replaced and was without access to it all last week. I did not mean to not respond, I just did not have it to be able to respond. I appreciate all the great advice and suggestions.

Just to give context, it is a family trip and yes personally I do travel light but with my teenagers in tow, super light packing is not an option. We are intending to check a couple of bags. I did check all airlines we will be using and they do allow up to 23KG, however, not intending to use all that weight. Most of all our luggage is what I consider heavy (9-10lbs) so I was looking for suggestions regarding lighter luggage.

I sincerely appreciate the wealth of knowledge and incredible tips you have provided. I welcome any other suggestions anyone may have regarding lighter luggage. Thank you!!!