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TSA approved scissors for carryon luggage

Is there such a thing? What do you do without? I want some that are small, but can cut through moleskin or ducktape.

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Blades smaller than 4 inches are allowed in a carryon. I have a tiny sewing kit with a tiny (2 inch?) scissors that cuts quite well.

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I have these scissors & have taken them in my carry-on:

I have also taken my embroidery scissors like these:

Both of these scissors will cut through moleskin & duct tape.

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This in no way addresses your question, but I wanted to say that I used to use moleskin or duct tape for hot spots on my feet, but find that paper tape, used preemptively, works as well if not better than either of those. It can also be torn, so no need for scissors and comes off easier when you are ready to remove it. I use if for hiking as I have difficulty getting boots with a narrow enough heel to prevent slippage. I just place strips of paper tape over my heels before I set out and absolutely no problem. It will also last thru several showers.

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I carry scissors with me on every flight, as they are part of my knitting supplies, and I knit when I fly back and forth on work assignments. They are small, with blades less than 2", but quite sharp. I have never been questioned or stopped.

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Nothing is guaranteed with the TSA. In Newark, my folding travel scissors with a one inch blade were confiscated.

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Thanks for the help everyone. We are flying to Athens in June. We travel around the US quite a bit, and are quite used to popping into the local stores when we need something. Some of the locations we will be at in Greece are remote, and I don't want to search for scissors. Although I've never needed them before, but you never know! I like the idea of the folding scissors, but I don't want to spend a lot in case they are taken (like my Greek yoghurt before an early morning flight???).

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I travel with small nail scissors with about 1" blades. Keep in mind that rules can change at any time. I connected through Heathrow a few years ago and security pulled me aside to search my bag because they saw my nail scissors in the X-ray machine. I had to wait while they tried to find out if I could take the scissors on the plane to Brussels and almost missed my flight. They ultimately allowed me to take the scissors and told me that the rule for carrying them on changed often, so often they weren't sure what the rule was at that time.

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My rule in the USA is if I know it's an allowed item and the TSA agent has a "power trip" and tries to remove it, I smile nicely and say "please get your supervisor" I refuse to discuss it with the agent or allow them to just take my stuff. Sometimes the agent acts like he/she is doing me a big favor and lets me "keep" my stuff. other times his/her supervisor shows up, looks at my dangerous corkscrew or nail scissors and rolls his/her eyes.

For several years I traveled with a print out of what was allowed ,but decided that the TSA was not paying me to train their staff LOL!

Overseas I just give whatever it is up. Lost a corkscrew in Paris that way :)