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Travelsmith Quality and Customer Service is awful.

I recently bought a raincoat on Travelsmith that was described as ''packable". It is anything but packable. The quality is awful. It arrived folded and after 3 days of hanging in my shower the folds will not come out. I contacted customer service several terms and all they kept saying was that it was not returnable because of the sale. This policy was listed in very, very, very tiny letters on the website.

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That's a shame that you're not happy with the product.

It appears on their website that they're trying to be very clear and up front about their no-returns policy for sale items, where every "marquee" display on their home page has a prominent message of "All Sales Final. No Returns or Exchanges."

Perhaps, once you get into the checkout process, that message is less prominent.

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I haven't been impressed with their products. One was returned because it wasn't as described.
Another I kept because it was sorta okay.
Mostly too expensive for what you get, and shipping is very high.
No longer even look.

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I would stick to buying products in a store rather than on online, not unless you are already familiar with what to expect quality wise.
It is pretty obvious on the website that all the junk that is on sale 70% off sales are final.

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I've always thought they were overpriced myself and I've always found comparable products for less so never bought any of their stuff. Sorry about your issue but since you can't return it maybe you could take it to a laundry or dry cleaning establishment and have them press out the folds. Of course that would depend on what the material is. Hope you find some way to make the best of it.

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I agree, mostly junk. Not always like that. I remember buying from them in the 90’s when travel clothing was not easy to find. Then some items came and were very wrinkled and they did not wash out. Then the size issues. I gave up and will not even consider buying from them.

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I don’t purchase any online clothes anymore that don’t have a free return policy.

I purchased a dress from Travelsmith that ended up looking like something to wear if I wanted to look frumpy. The cut of the dress was completely different from my normal size. Not chancing that again.

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I still buy from TravelSmith occasionally but only the clearance/sale/closeout multiple-stacked discounts, not just a regular 'sale', and recognize that their quality control is not very tight.
Within those limits, I've been happy with a couple recent buys -- a knubby silk blazer that was on double clearance because it was such an odd size that I didn't need to alter it at all (I'm a 41 XS with even shorter arms and the 40S in silk fit me well, meaning it was not true to size, but worked out for me), and I still have a warm spot in my heart from a summer-weight synthetic sport coat from over a decade ago that still looks good, goes in the washer, and has pockets galore.
So long as you aim your expectations accordingly, you can sometimes pick a winner.

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I haven's bought from them in years because they do not carry small enough sizes.

Their website is pretty deceptive right now. It announces in bold letters, "Everything must go! 70% off, even clearance items". It does says all sales final and non-returnable. But you have to use the asterisk to learn that some brand are excluded from the 70% off. To see the list of excluded brands, you have to read the fine print and find a small "click here" link. The list is long and includes every recognizable name brand, like Ex Officio, , NYDJ, Royal Robbins, Bernie Mev shoes, etc.

Name brand items like these are the only things that are safe to buy from Travelsmith, if you know your size in that brand and are satisfied with the quality. But they are not on sale and still not returnable---so why would anyone buy?

It looks to me like they may be going out of business.

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I bought a Travel Smith raincoat like this maybe 12 years ago?

One day the coat got totally drenched through. Then the folds came out.

My recommendation is to soak the thing in a bucket of water. Hang it up, smoothing out any folds. Then let it drip dry in an out of the way place.

After that, my coat was fine.

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Interesting — their website is completely down with a “please check in later” message.

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Travelsmith product quality was uneven, I usually bought from sales - pattern of mine - but for years their customer service was terrific. Allowed me to exchange a silk jacket I had had for a year, had never worn, and because of a 35# weight loss, no longer fit. In terms of packable jackets, I love the one I bought from Orvis. I wear mostly black when traveling but bought the Orvis packable coat in spice, the brightest color. For doing that, I was thanked by a travel group member as the color made me easier to locate, fulfilling my goal.

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Travelsmith has changed ever since they moved from Novato to CT.