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Travelling with Refrigerated Medicine


I am a year 13 design student who is looking to design and make a prototype of a portable product that will allow medicines to kept at a temperature between 2-8°C and will be ideal for traveling on all forms of transport.

I'm hoping to make contact with people who have this problem in order to help me develop a product. I will require people to fill in a questionnaire that will help me.

If you would be willing to assist me with my research please email me on [email protected] or by replying to this message.

Thank you.

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I have one now. It is called a Thermo bag with a separate compartment for the ice or a freezer bag. Folds to nothing when not in use, is small and compact when traveling since the amount of medication is about the size of three or four decks of cards.

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My father had many refrigerated medicines. We traveled regularly with a small 12V auto refrigerator. It had an auto power port plug and it also had a transformer that allowed you to plug it into a wall socket.
Improvements I would like:
* I would like it to be smaller so it is more portable. Even the small 6 L is way too big. But the inside needs to be long enough to store loaded syringes.
* Increase the insulation so that it can go longer while unplugged. A good seal would be nice too.
* A transformer plug that can go 120-260 V, 50-60 A. If you make it a step down converter to either 12V or 5V that would be great.
* Cooling needs to be even with no cold spots. Freezing the drugs damages them as much as letting them get too warm.
* Weeping due to humidity is a problem, as these drugs shouldn't get wet (pills especially). A small elevated tray in the bottom would hold the drugs above any water from weeping.
* A recessed temperature control knob would be good. Make all knobs/switches recessed to prevent them from accidental turn on/off.
* Keep it light.
* This may make it heavy, but you could add a battery for when it is unplugged. A swappable battery would be nice. You should also be able to charge the battery while using it in the fridge.

UPDATE: This is about perfect: