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traveling with liquid medicin

We are taking our 1st cruise. It starts in Rome. I booked Aer Lingus and checked with the special assistance desk. For 16 days, I will need at least 32, 1 liter bags of hydration. I cannot bring that into the seating area of the plane. So, I thought that if we carried enough to get me by, if the bags were delayed, then I would be ok till the medicine was delivered to the ship. Well, it turns out that deliveries of lost or delayed luggage is not made to cruise ships. The medication cannot be shipped, nor purchased in Europe. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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When you confirm a cruise, there is a Passenger Information Sheet, where you would mention important details about you and your travel companion, like this need. Because I usually book a cruise through a brick-and-mortar travel agent, she makes a phone call to the cruise line itself, where she would (if we had the same need) raise the issue. This is also when we choose our cabin. I suppose maybe you booked online or with a a discounter. I urge you to bring this issue to the attention of the cruise line as soon as possible. This will provide an opportunity to get their advice and help on a complex issue. This issue is too important for "do-it-yourself."

And (I'm not berating you, just telling a story) it might be unfair to other travelers. We recently went on an African safari with a 78-year old traveler who presented a doctors letter to Ambercrombie and Kent in order to be admitted to the trip. But she was (in my non-doctor opinion) not able to physically participate in the trip. Indeed, she and her accompanying neice were evacuated half-way through, after she fell on an admittedly, tricky step outside the Arusha, Tanzania airport bathroom. I don't want to go into the details online, but her problems included dehydration and bathroom non-availability inside game reserves.

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I would assume that your medical supplies would be in two boxes @ 32 pounds each. You didn't say if you were physically capable of handling those supplies AND your luggage.
You would need to check your boxes at your departing airport, and get a porter at the Rome airport to assist getting the boxes into a taxi.

I hope that you are arriving at least a day before your cruise, which would mean you need to check into a hotel that has bellhops or help to deal with your belongings--and an elevator.

And you'll need to get another taxi to the port in Civitavecchia which is about 40 miles from Rome. Another option would be to go ahead and stay out by Civitavecchia before geting on the ship for the cruise.
I'm sure it's going to work out fine for you.