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Travel Steamer

We are going on a seven day river cruise with another couple. Was wondering if it is feasible to bring a travel steamer for all of us. We are checking bags!
If so, any recommendations?

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I just hang my dress or whatever in the bathroom while we are showering, and the steam from that does the trick. Keep the bathroom door closed and don’t run the fan until the steaming is complete. Then keep the door closed until the fan has taken care of the steam —-otherwise you might set off the hotel fire alarm, as I did at the Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim some years ago . . . .

The firemen who showed up said it wasn’t the first time; the hotel’s smoke detectors were very sensitive. Seemed excessive for a building made of metal and glass (google Images and you will see it looks like a glasshouse).

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I take a small spray bottle - from one of those 3-1-1- kits and is supposed to be for hair spray or something. Anyway, travel with it empty, fill it with water, spritz your wrinkles, shake the garment and hang to dry.

Very easy and no fire alarms, lolol! (Great story Lola!)

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Skip it. It really isn't needed if you packing the correct clothing. I would avoid all cotton and select the cotton blends. And river cruises are far more casual than ocean cruises.

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Most cruises ships forbid steamers and irons because they are a potential fire hazard. I would think river boats would be the same. Check to see if yours offers a laundry/ pressing service. Shower steaming works on many fabrics (not silk or linen so much).

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We also bring a small spray bottle (empty so you don't have to put it in your 3-1-1). I simply fill it with water, select what we want to wear the next day, hang the clothes, spray them, and by morning they are dry and wrinkle free.

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River cruises are super casual. And if you're in Europe, if you do decide to take a steamer, be sure it's DUAL VOLTAGE - be sure it will work in Europe. I'd skip it - you're on vacation. We've been on 5 River Cruises and have NEVER needed one. No one even dresses for dinner - most people wear what they've worn in town all day - even on the high end ones like Tauck and Uniworld.

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You can use your cabin hair dryer as an emergency streamer. Just spray garments as suggested above and use the hair dryer (keeping 6-9” away from the material). It’s not perfect but does the job. I find crinkle cotton and gauzes are great for travelling as they wash easily, dry overnight and don’t need ironing. Have to admit that I didn’t know what a travel steamer was until I read the responses!

I am sure you will find laundry facilities on board - these boats are floating hotels.

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Great advice. Didn’t want to bring it but wasn’t sure. Thank you!!

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I do as Pam does - spray bottle - or at least the bottle top sprayer. I don't travel without it. I use it at home as well.

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I would echo the spray and the hair dryer method. I used to travel 200k per year business and had to wear nice business clothes. The spritz and hair dryer was never fail for me.