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Travel Size CPAP

I've just been told I need to start using a CPAP machine. But with all the travel I do, I want to find one that is small enough to allow me to keep carrying on.

I'm looking for suggetions on which models people here actually use while traveling.

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I use a ResMed S9 cpap, it’s lightweight (810gms or 28 ounces) and quite small (153x140x86 mms or 6 x 5 ½ x 3 ½ inches). Its 110-240V compliant, all you need is an adaptor plug when travelling.

It comes in a laptop style carry bag that has room for extras, so that becomes my carryon bag and never leaves me.

It can be used while flying.

I also have a humidifier but that never goes on holidays with me.

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Thanks for posting Frank II! And thanks to Baz for this useful information. My husband needs a smaller CPAP and we will look into this one.

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Frank II, I'm a little confused by your comment "I want to find one that is small enough to allow me to keep carrying on." I though a medical device was not counted as carry on, or is that in the US only? I have a CPAP machine and will be travel to Europe this summer. ( I don't mean to hijack your thread).

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Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I assumed Frank meant that he wants one small enough to go in his normal carry-on, not as an additional thing to carry. My friend travels with one but it's a PITA to have that add'l bag to carry even though it's allowed on the plane.

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Joel--some airlines state clearly that a medical device such as a CPAP will count towards the carry-on limits of both bag and weight.

Nancy--=yes, you're right. I'm looking for one small enough to fit inside my carry-on and not take up too much space. The one I've been prescribed takes up 1/3 of my carry-on with everything included.

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Which machine is that Frank? Also, do you remember off-hand which airlines state that the machine counts toward the carry on limit?

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I have the same model Cpap as Baz. I usually carry on the RS Classic Back Door bag along with a small day bag and the bag for the Cpap. Because it is a medical device I have never had a problem carrying on the three bags. It really is not any inconvenenience. I always put it in the overhead with my larger bag and put my small day pack under the seat. The device is small enough that it wouldn't take much space in the larger bag but you also need the hose and mask. I always bring a small extension cord too because the outlets in the hotel or B and B are never in a convenient location.

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My mother's, which I helped her find online before a years-ago trip to Egypt, had a battery pack too which she uses as backup during power outages as well. As I recall, she provided her prescription and they mailed it to her and it's still going strong. You might search online for travel c-pap machine. I don't have it in hand to give you the brand.