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Travel Scarf

I’m in the market for a lightweight travel scarf for my fall trip to Greece. I’m thinking the kind that function as a shawl, airplane blanket, beach towel, coverup…(bamboo? Cotton stretch?) The better ones are a bit of an investment ($50+) Do you have a favorite?

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I have this one and have taken it on three trips. I use it on the plane to sleep, as a wrap in the room, and have even used it as a layer on a cool-not cold evening. Beach towel? Probably not…

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The shawl you are considering is 95% Tencel, which is a fabric I like very much. I think it is preferable to cotton (or bamboo) for this purpose. The few things I have of bamboo (kitchen towels) do not hold up well to washing—- after 2 or 3 times through the laundry they shrink up and become misshapen and a different texture.

But what do they mean by “pull-on closure”?

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I bought this one in blue:

And this one in black:

The blue one weighs 4.2 oz and cost $12. The black one weighs 8.6 oz. and cost $17. Comparing the two, the black one looks more elegant, and it has the nice feel for using in the airplane to have a nap. I just wore the black one last Sunday as a wrap to keep the chill off when I didn’t want to wear a lightweight coat.

Personally, I don’t think you would like either of these for a beach towel. They are wide enough to wrap around for a coverup, but they wouldn’t give you the length down your body as a true coverup - mine are both 26”.

I recently purchased this from Macys. I will be in Slovenia & Croatia, and I wanted something cute for a coverup that could also work double-duty as a dress for dinner. It weighs 8 oz.

Depending on how long you’re going to be in Greece and your itinerary after the beach time, when we were in southern Spain, I just purchased a beach towel when I was there. It was such a nice one that I decided to bring it back home with me. They had them readily available.

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Take a look at your local TJ Maxx. Sometimes, it stocks nice things.

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I love the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf, It's my scarf, my blanket on the plane etc. They no longer sell them on the website but I can usually find them on Poshmark or Mercari, I just picked up two from Mercari that were in new condition for a fraction of the cost new. I actually take a different large lightweight wrap for my beach cover up (sarong/ blanket) that I got at Nordstrom rack.

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I use two different items. A pashmina and a sarong. The sarong is cotton and large enough to wrap as a dress, maxi skirt, towel, cover up. No links as they were either gifts or made many years ago.
I learned something today....tencel is more water absorbent than cotton. So, though expensive, your consideration does tick all the boxes.

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I have some like these. More shawl/poncho than beach towel or cover-up.

I like that they either fasten or are sewn closed so you don't have to deal with keeping it on when moving around.

This one buttons so you can leave it open.

This one is sewn closed.

Both are lightweight and take up little space. They machine wash and dry just fine. Haven't tried hand-washing and drying, but they are acrylic, so should dry fast. The sewn-closed one I have is a little bulkier knit than the buttoned.

For a beach towel, have you considered a super-size micro-fiber towel? l've seen one on Amazon that promotes that the sand doesn't stick.

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All great suggestions! I esp. like the gauzy “insect repellent” one. (I’m picturing Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia!) I got the “beach towel” thing from the comments in the reviews…one reviewer said it dried faster than her towel! The beach resort well visit provides towels, so that’s not a must THIS time, but fun to know for bringing on the boat, etc. sounds like I may have to make room for more than one style!

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I bought the same Pashima shawl as Laurel and used it on one trip. Then I bought a zip-front lightweight cotton knit hooded cape from Dillard's closeout sale, similar in style to this heavier fleece cape. It worked great, so much better than I expected. I used it for everything from plane blanket to outdoor wear to bathrobe. I sewed the side seams a several inches down so they wouldn't blow in the wind.

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I have the Eddie Bauer Women's Daisy Travel Wrap. I use it as a scarf. It can be used as a light ruana type of wrap if you get chilly. But, the reason I have three of these (in black, grey & blue) is the fact that it has a 7 3/4 x 7 " zip pocket that is pretty discreet and has held up very well over quite a few trips. I wear it on the plane as a scarf and the pocket is able to hold my fairly large Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra with a hefty phone case, along with chapstick and earplugs. It probably isn't exactly what you are looking for, but just mentioning it for others as an option, especially if someone wants a hidden pocket in their scarf.

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I know it might be above your price point, but I love these wraps from Nordstrom:

They are deceptively warm, though very lightweight. You can toss it in a small purse even. I’m taking the grey one with me to Portugal shortly. In a pinch, I have used it on an unexpected stop at a beach. All the sand shook out fine.

However, I now also carry with me a microfiber pack towel that has so many uses: picnic table or ground cloth, beach blanket, shower towel, and just clean-up-a-mess towel. RS sells them in their online shop. Packs down to nothing, and dries in a flash.

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I like these because they are cotton/poly and are comfortable in hot weather. Also, I have been watching YouTube videos and learning how to do headwraps. I think headwraps may become my go to bad hair day solution.