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Luggage Scale

I'm currently using a Travelon Micro Scale but I think it's on the fritz. I need to be able to accurately weigh carry-on bags.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a small, digital luggage scale that is very accurate?

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My father's first name was Fritz. I think luggage scales are used by compulsive people. Go to the local sporting goods store and buy a fishing scale. How accurate does it need to be? Are you packing to the absolute maximum? I use a platform spring kitchen scale.

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The scale has to be very accurate. I write and review luggage so I need to know what bags weigh. A good, reliable, and accurate digital scale is needed. And it has to be very accurate. I also need to travel with it so it has to be lightweight.

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Frank II,

Would it be possible to buy another Travelon scale? Amazon has many different scales listed, and this one gets good user reviews.....

These models also appear to be excellent.....

Unfortunately I've never used any of them so can't recommend one. Given the increasingly tight airline regulations, I may have to invest in one on future. Let us know what you find.

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Yes, Ken, I did check Amazon.

I posted hoping that someone who has actual experience with a particular scale would respond.