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Travel pillows

I know this subject pops up from time to time but I am still searching for a comfortable, easily-packed pillow for an upcoming trip. I have not had much luck with inflatables; every one I've tried (at many price points) ultimately failed to stay inflated for the duration of my roundtrips so I'm looking at memory foam options. So far, they seem too heavy and/or bulky for lightweight packing. I just saw this one and wondered if anyone has tried it. At 12.8 ounces and dimensions of 6X7X7.5 inches it might be my best option so far. I have window seats on all legs of my flights so I'm thinking about something I can comfortably lean against. All suggestions are welcome - except those that tell me to do without some kind of head/neck support (I'm very grumpy without sleep).

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I have a travel pillow that I really like, I have no idea what brand it is, but it is filled with what looks like memory foam. I travel with just a carry on so the trouble is it is relatively bulky. Here is something I tried and it worked. I took the pillow out and used the case as a stuff sack for my jacket. I have two jackets that I use for travel depending on the season. One is a down jacket that compresses down into a pouch and the other is a Craghopper compresslite which also compresses into its own pouch. Rather than putting the jacket in its pouch, I put it in the pillow cover. You need to work it a little to get it comfortable, but it works for me and cuts down on carrying a bulky pillow. You may want to take the pillow cover from your inflatable pillow and see it stuffing your jacket works for you.

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Sea to Summit makes a great travel pillow that compress into a bag that will fit in your palm, I've been using this for two years and it really is nice. It's called the "aeros pillow traveler" I think.

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Ira, I'm liking your idea of using something I'm already taking with me stuffed into a pillow casing or stuff sack. I won't be traveling with a jacket this trip (other than a rain poncho) because I'm going to a hot (HOT!) destination but perhaps I can stuff it with t-shirts and/or socks. I'm going to test this idea and see if I can get the comfort level I'll need for a 7+ hour flight.

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I'm another fan of the small Thermarest pillows which you can also use in your hotel if the pillows there are not up to snuff.